What is Forex Hedging and how to use it to limit the risks ?

Hedging is simply to find a mode to protect against data loss. Think of hedge funds that get their insurance on the market. Hedging is a method to reduce loss that you would suffer if something happened unexpected.
Single forex hedging

Some brokers will allow you to keep trades that are really direct hedges. Direct hedging is when you have set a trade, which buy a currency pair, in the same time you could put the business of selling the same pair. Even if the result is zero, when you have two trades open, then you can earn more money without taking the additional risk if you use the time of market appropriately.

How a simple forex hedge, protect you, is that it will make you to trade the opposite of your first transaction without closing the first operation. It can be told that it makes more sense to just close the first listing of a loss and set a new profession in a better place. This is a part of the discretion of the merchant. As a retailer, surely you can close your first deal and get into the market at a better price. Advantage of using the cover is that you can perform your trading on market and make your earnings with another business to make profits when the market changes against your position . When you think the market will turn around and return to your original job, you can stop on trade coverage, or simply close it.
Complex hedging

There are several methods of complex hedging in forex trading. some brokers will not allow companies to take the hedged positions directly and hence other approaches are needed.
Multiple currency pairs

A trader can hedge against any particular currency by the use of two pairs of currencies. For example, you can go long EUR / USD or short USD / CHF. In this way it would not be entirely accurate, but you will be hedging your exposure to the dollar. The only problem with hedging in this way is that you will be exposed to alterations of euro (EUR) and Switzerland (CHF). This means that if the euro is a powerful currency against all others,then there may be a fluctuation of the EUR / USD, plus traded USD / CHF. This is usually not a reliable method to detect whether you are making a complicated hedge that takes several currency pairs .
Forex options

Forex option is to modify the agreement to conduct a good price in future. For instance,suppose you set the time to trade the EUR / USD at 1.30, then to protect the position you should place on a forex option exercise 1.29. This means that if the EUR / USD falls to 1.29 within the time limit options, you will be paid for that option. How much amount you pay depends on conditions in market, when you buy the option, and the size of your selection. If the EUR / USD reaches that price within the prescribed period, you may lose only the purchase price . Higher is the market price of your choice at the time of the purchase, bigger the prize pool payout will be made once the price hits success within the particular time.
Reasons to the hedge

The main reason you need to use your business coverage is to limit the risks. Coverage can be an important portion of your trading plan, if done carefully. It should be used only by experienced negotiators who understand the market fluctuations and timing. Most probably, playing with speculative trading experience without adequate preparations could be disastrous for your account.