What forex trader needs to know about U.S. Dollar USD ?

Currency value is the backbone of any forex market. Forex market rises with a currency of high value very rapidly and crashes with the currency of low value. Forex marketers always try to trade in high valued currency like pound or United States Dollar.
U.S Dollar is the highest valued currency of the world. It is comes number one in ranking all over the world. U.S Dollar is presently the most traded currency in the forex market. About half of the trading is done in this currency and has gained the status of default currency all over the world. You can trade with U.S Dollar almost anywhere in the world. It has become the world’s most valued and accepted currency.
This status of U.S Dollar was never the same. Prior to this the European currency was considered the most valued currency until World War II. After that because of the war issues European economy was greatly crashed and the value of European Pound decreased tremendously. During that same period American economy boosted up and Dollar currency got a really huge fame and value.
American Government had taken many incentives for the constant growth of economy and complete control of inflation after World War II. If we see the present situation we can say that American Government succeeded in doing so.
If we talk about forex marketing then we see that 80% of the forex marketing is being done in U.S Dollar, all over the world. From forex marketing point of view U.S currency is the most valued and accepted currency all over the world.
How U.S currency gained such a high value in a really short interval of time. There are a lot of theories behind this thing. Some people believe that U.S economy is just a paper economy. Let’s have a look on this conspiracy of paper economy. According to some economists U.S don’t have sufficient gold reserves. They think that the gold reserves of U.S are not equivalent to U.S economy. The economic figure of U.S is far bigger than the wealth of gold that U.S currently has. This thing is against the world economic rules.
The significance and uniqueness of U.S currency cannot be sidelined as it is the world’s most value able and powerful currency. About more than half of the trading is done in this currency worldwide.