What are the best times to Make Trade with US Dollar ?

United States is second largest trading place in the world. This comprise of the third seesion of trading after European session. Exchanges during this session represents 22 percent of the volume of currency trading amount for the day. whiel considering this context, it is a very similarto the volume during the session of the Asia-Pacific. When New York becomes largest share of turnover in the region (19 percent), it will be the seat of the trading period of the United States. The main focus in currency at the U.S. session is U.S. dollar (USD). High value of U.S. dollar transactions may lead to high volume and volartile levels .

Session Hours

U.S. session is from 8 am (ET) 5pm (ET)

For the risk-tolerant Traders:

U.S. session exhibits moderate to even high risk or challenge for traders. It will give unique challenges to check the risk tolerance of traders due to its relation with stock and bond markets.

Currency pairswhich exist with excellent movements during session are:




The average range of seeds is about 95 pips. EUR / USD is also a strong option for this session, but may be even more important movements in American-European cross-session.

Another viable option is the USD / CAD, which is an average of 84 pips during this session.

For the risk-averse Traders:

This session will present a moderate or high risk to the merchants. During this session, the price changes in European currencies will be quickly and unpredictably changed, especially when the session is closed.

Currency pairs at low risk for this session are:




The range of seed medium is approximately 45 pips.

My thoughts:

The U.S. session is truely exciting and adventrous. Economic data are usually released in the morning (8:30 to 10:00) and some reports to make the currency market moves during the U.S. session. A large number of transactions involving the dollar will be in a constant motion. Bonds, stocks, commodities markets and are closely related to the foreign exchange market to the news or events affecting the markets move in the USD. This is specially true for bond market. Be aware of any closure or new homes in this market for the USD will be affected.

My basic practices in trade:

It’s both safer and potentially more profitable to attend on the exchange of USD during this session, the position is long or short. Currency pairs involving non-core currencies (such as New Zealand dollar (NZD) and Australian dollar (AUD)) could be tempted, but is better suitable for long-term trading or wealth or day trading swing trading. However, the major currencies like British pound (GBP), Swiss franc (CHF), and Japanese yen (JPY) Can result in a strong and reliable moves in prices.

My advanced business practices:

My goal during the U.S. session these are jobs that are strong trends in the card the day or hour. You can find currency pairs with a 30 or 35 ADX. These trends are even stronger when economic data were released. The non-agricultural wage, the ISM manufacturing survey, price index (CPI), gross domestic product (GDP) and proportion of retail sales are the biggest engines of dollars. Fed meetings and the decisions also move the dollar in a comprehensive and sometimes surprising manner. However, do not negelect power of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England (BOE) to put pressure on the US dollars.