Use Zulutrade forex platform where traders trade for you – zulutrade mirror trading

Zulutrade is an important trading platform which is absolutely free and allows a trade to automatically trade all his money in the forex world. All this automatic trading is itself based on the signal provided by the third party. The advantage for the traders is that they are not bound to work with only one or two signal providers. They can choose any from hundreds in the list and can use them on the Zulutrade platform.
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In reality, Zulutrade is a fantastic and managed forex trading account apart from the investor who has sole rights on his account. It is completely a choice of investor to whom he wants to picks as the signal provider, and also he can choose his trading and lot sizes. After this step, all the remaining work will be carried out automatically on the platform without any errors.
Zulutrade offers a couple of account options for the investors. After registering through the platform, an investor can either go for the demo account or can choose live account. Demo account is a free account which new investors can use to polish their forex skills. It comes with demo currency that can be used in the trading. By using the demo account, an investor can judge the do and don’ts of the forex market. The demo account is loaded with a virtual balance of $50,000, which can be used easily. Once an investor get holds of all the basics, and he is confidence to move on, he can then choose to open a live account, and with that he can choose a relevant broker to start making money.
After choosing the live account, now is the time for the investor to choose a signal provider and determine a lot size to begin trading. After that, the zulutrade will quickly trade the entire signals provided by the investor in his live account. The investor can monitor the entire progress by logging through his account. All the information is regularly updated, and investor is made sure of error-free reports.
Zulutrade is very strict when it comes to monitoring the account as they make sure to keep a detailed check of each signal. The check includes: the total number of pips gained or lost, the overall amount of profit made, the ratio of winning, total duration of trading, and much more. To further facilitate the traders, zulutrade provides a detailed graphical analysis through which they can measure the efficiency and profitability of their account.
There are many things about Zulutrade that will attract the investors. One of them is the reliability of the platform that makes it easier for a casual or new trader to trader like experienced ones. He can easily get used to the platform within no time. With that, he can start making profits from the beginning which will save a lot of time for him. Additionally, this can also save him from getting panic. All of the trading mechanisms are made so simple that a trader doesn’t need to be a professional.

Using Zulutrade mirror trading platform you can connect your broker account (Avafx broker account, FXopen broker account, FXCM broker account, Alpari etc.)