Top 25 stocks Investing Strategies

Investing Strategies in a glance

In the stock market no one form hard and fast investing strategies. However if study deeply and make some research he would be in batter position though risk factor still remain alive, its ok but do not play blind, In the coming line I will try to write some basic aspects which one must follow to form his custom strategies.

1 After every quarter of the year companies publish quarterly earnings reports, this may drive market upward or downward
2 Never be eager to earn more that may cause heavy loss.
3 Try Dogs of the Dow technique it may be beneficial
4 Diversify your stocks so if one sector performs badly other may recover the loss. Never keep all of your eggs in one basket
5 Never buy so called great stocks before any investment examine all aspects carefully
6 If you are an average investor avoid trading of stock after hours
7 Read 2nd edition of Warren Buffett and learn some more use full techniques in length
8 You can now invest online this a way of investment but take it as part of strategies
9 Not all people think same each one has his on philosophy in the case of investment develop your own philosophy and build your coherent portfolio
10 Growth and value are two areas where you may decide if you will follow growth or you will follow value
11 Search for the stocks of those companies whose fundamentals are good and invest in these stocks as long term investment.
12 During the turmoil keep your head cool and try to filter stocks whose fundamentals are good though they are not performing well at that time
13 Due to financial crises many old and nervous people are getting retirement and new generation is inducing in. Try to grab their skills
14 No body can eliminate the risk factor from stock market however an investor with realistic game plans always remain at less risk then those who invest blindly
15 Keep eye on the traders who are insiders of a company that will develop batter understand about a particular stock
16 Media can provide a batter tutorial about the behavior of consumer and more.
17 Keep prepare plan B as circumstances may arise when you have to sold out your stock at poor time
18 Stock market is a volatile market and decision making is difficult so always consider three impotent factors in your decision
19 Always select right time for investment
20 Some time it is a smart move to invest both in stock and mutual funds
21 Get rid from you expensive credit card debt before investing in stock market
22 When economy and market is on up it become hard to find real good companies be smart to make your crices correctly
23 It is equally important that sell your good stock at right time as wel as poor stock
24 Do not get traped by rumors
25 Before investing in an individual stock apply both strategic and technical approaches

These are few points which may help you to form a batter strategy however you may research more and form a suitable strategy.