Top 12 forex trading tools at Avatrade forex broker – earn money as forex trader

Avatrade forex broker review
Avatrade is a very solid trading program available nowadays. In addition to foreign exchange, the broker offers CFD trading on all platforms that tends to make that trade is much more manageable. Other than this you can see many simple trading tools are obtained, few of them are advanced than others, but could be little more.

The broker never offers the full range of analysis tools available in the market and stand out with many improvements. However, many traders are finding what they seek in this corridor. It is very easy to open a trading account. Also you can produce deposits in a selection of approaches and allows for maximum flexibility. The minimum investment capital, making the first is always healthy. Is always propagated along the corridor are typical of the market.

The initial investment
- There is not any mini account. You can open a fresh account with a minimum deposit of 100 $ (recognized as the account “silver”), and the mere fact that the leverage is needed is not large, you can “practice” trading “live” the relative peace of mind. Accounts brokers are offering the greatest investment needs (at least $ 1,000 and income ‘Gold’, $ 10,000 accounts ‘Platinum’ investment decisions and the first is a profit of $ 50,000 for you, “Ava Premium” status). Variations between the accounts reflect the bonuses you get.
Deposits and withdrawals from the account – the account opening is not complex and is online. You have different types of methods to make deposit and to withdraw money. They are credit cards, bank transfers and online payment methods like PayPal.
Stop Point – Here it seems that the broker will not guarantee a breakpoint. However, it is useful to check with the dealer representative if there is any possibility to add a breakpoint for the contract and to set the breakpoint for any market conditions.

Interest - You have to make a check with the dealer if interest charges, and also the conditions such as current operations, perhaps, or rather the balance of your account.
Regulation – If broker is not regulated, but it claims is monitored through quarterly reports, as bank Cheuvreux in Frankfurt. It is the one of the biggest financial institutions situated in Germany.
Trading Tools:
1. Professional and Technical support – 24 hours in a day.
2. There is no professional, literature articles and other online tools.
3. Related trading courses are available online.
4. Review market research and opinion and market research are available.
5. There is no trade alerts.
6. Traders help guide – broker offers a wide range of business and administration guides.
7. Types of foreign currency pairs available – about 40 currency pairs and over 20 commodities, indices and other (CFD)
8. It gives 12 different language supports.
9. Trading room on-line – none.
10. The coaching staff is not available.
11. Trade is possible via mobile
12. Download trading platform – yes.
Friendliness trading program is always half in terms of comfort and professionalism. But it is not suitable for all types of traders.
Benefits – novice operator can be found in the corridor of a strong partner to work. The fact that you can open an account (for its easy, online, fast and flexible enough deposits) with a low initial deposit, with its high level of leverage does not allow, is an advantage for the entrant. You can practice trading with a “Demo” and also has trade in a wide range of currency pairs and other options like CFD.
Cons - not every trader “click” with the broker, especially when working with methods that require sophisticated analytical tools suppose you prefer high leverage, or work in places where it is necessary to take decisions and transactions on the spur. The exchange program is not the best on market. Experienced traders can easily find themselves prefer competition to provide cheaper spreads and also decision-making tools. Even those who seek security as provided by the regulation better than the dealer as a mediator.
Note: Just like many types of businesses and commercial enterprises, from time to time agents can also change their bids, the terms and conditions and bonuses they offer to their customers.