Stories of Successful Female Forex and Stocks Traders – Laura Pedersen

InstaForexAs we all celebrate International Women’s Day Instaforex would like to give recognition to all the hardworking and brilliant women of today. In doing so we would like to address female traders who have reached success on the financial markets and earned fame.
Here are the lists of women that did not waver through the trials of live. Here are their success stories.
Let’s begin with an extraordinaire of gambling and a sure champion

Laura Pedersen – trading genius
Who would have thought that a person that plays poker has an intelligent trick under her sleeves? When she was just 17 Laura began exploring the wonders of the alleys of Wall Street famous for its so called games for the wise. Due to her young age it was not easy getting into the business of “adult” games. But this did not stop her; being wise as she is she told her employer that if he is willing she would like to take jobs even if it means being a non-staff worker. Same as the troubles with all sorts of gamblers even if she was not allowed to play she still started to gamble. And by the age of 24 Laura has earned her first 1.5 million dollars.
Laura was raised in a farm. At a young age she was selling tomatoes to help her family, because of this it was instilled in her mind how to be clever in business. Later in her life she have discovered the excitement of the game poker and people who have known her witnessed how well she plays, she even started betting money on horses and whether by chance or probably faith she never lost. At 10 years old she asked to present her the shares of Coca-Cola Company. At the age of 14 Laura went to New York to visit the American Stock Exchange. She did not finish her study at the Michigan University, as she did not believe in any practical benefit of a higher education.
In 1984 Laura began working as a clerk earning small amount of money. But she had an agenda in taking this job she was replacing the traders who were going on vacation. She learned fast to participate in virtual wrangles. Her parents strongly oppose of her way of making a living, but for 4 years in working at the company her employers profit increased stocks raised at the estimated amount of 5 billion dollars thanks to her. Even in the face of an economic crisis she managed to gain 100 million dollars.
However, due to a sudden turn of events she was forced to retire early. In return for her fast phase to richness and abundance her doctors sadly informed her of a serious disease that she has thus advising her leave her job.
Later she wrote the book entitled “Play Money”. This book became a diary of her victory with live trading craft left to guide and please the omnivorous technological monster of electronic commerce.

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