Primary Factors Determining National Stability – forex trading indicator

National stability is a situation where a country is fully stable in the terms of environment, economics, and politics.
Factors involved in affecting the national stability.
Generally, it is said that if in a country, people are living high standard lives then likely the country is having national stability. In the countries where it isn’t so, then there is a chance to see the economic and civil unrest. The main reasons why a country becomes unstable economically is the lack of economic empowerments that usually comes from the employment sector.
There are several factors that influence the quality of living standards. These factors can also be used to determine the stability of a country. The UN uses some of these factors to determine the quality of life which overall tells how a country is progressing.
Factors explaining national stability
1. Material well-being: This refers to a situation where people from a country are empowered so that they can easily satisfy their material needs. To unstable a nation, it is not necessary to implicate any economic policies.
2. Job security: Though the job security, an individual is given a sense of relaxation so that he can easily prepare for the future events. Where there is no job security, people will be forced to make unions that will result in chaos. This is a very serious issue, which in many cases become the sole reason for bringing the government down.
3. Health issues: Diseases like HIV/AIDS are very serious that they are directly connected to the economics and health department of the government. In the countries, where people have health problems and that too because of lack of government support, then this could directly affect the government.
4. Political stability: Nigeria is a country that has rich oil minerals from which they export about 50% to the OPEC. When the country is not economically stable, it is likely that its exports are going to be affected. For a country to properly utilize its resources, it is must that it should be free from any sort of chaos.
5. Many countries are experiencing gender equality issues these days. One example is of Afghanistan where women rights are not being protected. The country itself is in an emergency state which results in the economic insatiability.

A country that is not stable nationally must combine all of these factors and bring some productive output. By applying these factors, a country can improve its various development indices like HR index and the physical life standards index. In most of the cases, a country is nationally stable, which manages to achieve high scores in these indices.
There are many countries that are still lacking to properly implement these indices. However, if we use these indicators individually, we can easily say where a country is standing based on its high or low score.