Places To Get a Great Forex Trading System – Top forex brokers

There are a lot of forex trading systems or platforms available in the market but which one is best for your trading purpose. Nothing is perfect in this world so every trading system has some positive and negative points. Some of them don’t contain features that best suits you. Here are some of the world known best trading platforms.
1. eToro
2. AVAFX Forex
3. ForexYard
4. UFX Bank and
5. Finexo
6. Instaforex

etoro forex brokereToro is the world’s most user friendly forum for the beginners. eToro helps their customer by facilitating them with OpenBook application. For the beginners eToro are offering a bonus of ten thousand dollars worth. They also facilitate their users with personal trading handling techniques. eToro offers micro lot trading. They also guide their customers with various tutorials. Customers consult those tutorials a by following them they establish a great business for themselves. The trades they offer are indices, silver, oil, gold and CFDs
eToro is a web based broker and you are also provided with the facility to download the data you need.

AVAFX Forex comprises of serious forex experts. It is very user friendly. You can withdraw your amount in a very easy way by means of AVA debit card issued to the users. They deal in indices, CFDs, currency, stock and commodities.
They also offer bonus of three thousand dollar worth for their users. Thus they help you out to establish your business. They facilitate their customers with free web services of the betterment of their customers business. They offer multiple channels of trading.
• MT4,
• Auto trading,
• Web trading and
• Mobile trading.
Their scope of trading is very wide. They trade in 6 indices, 49 currencies and 12 commodities. They also publish institutional analysis on their blog on daily basis. They accept pay pal or credit card for trading.

ForexYard is ranked on third number. They are offering the world’s best foreign currency trading services. They have designed their blog which is user friendly. New users can easily get registered to ForexYard. They are also offering bonus of one thousand dollar worth. They also facilitate their users with the ease of automate trading. They also offer different kind of account to choose for you. They trade in gold, platinum, silver, stock indices, crude oil and CFDs
UFX Bank is on number for in the ranking. They offer 1000 dollar bonus to their customers. They trade in gold, platinum, silver, stock Indices, crude oil and CFDs.

finexo forex tradingFinexo is given the 5th rank. Their blogs are user friendly and the also facilitate their customers with 1000 dollar bonus.
Still you have to search for the one that best suits you so I personally believe that you should make your personal trading system because it will contain all the features you like and second option is to amend the trading system that you think fulfills most of your requirements. But altering that you will get all the features you want and again this will become a personal trading system.


Instaforex is the biggest forex broker in Asia and one of the biggest ont he world. If you see Forex alexa rank – this site has a lot of traffic, best traders, traders tools, MT4, expert advisors, various platforms, a lot of payment methods – paypal, moneybookers, bank wire transfer, credit card and a lot of more. You can use autotrading systems – pamm account where experts trade for you. See :

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SO test all this forex brokers and pick the best.