Personalities you can see at Forex Forum

Forex forums offer a solid chance to network with various whether entrepreneurs and get a glimpse of what other traders watch markets and how would they react.

You can ask for what kind of buyers frequent forums forex trading?

I’m so happy of what you asked, here’s a basic for various types of people that usually encounter

Green Trader

New man is quite easy to learn, lot of ideas on trade, many of which are incorrect. Green dealer usally just go trying to understand how all it works on trading on a demo account and doing business on a high leverage of short time frames.


This business dealer is a trader who has to argue with any trading plan. They attack the analysis presented by the merchants and trades new and old. They know everything about a trader usually brag about and how much you make (and how not). know-it-all is a trader who may go for demo trading, when they lose all their money.

The Troll

The troll could not be a real operator. They would advice things just to get things moving, causing a heated debate, and just draw fire and may cause loss of time. The troll is a boring person, or trading with much free time.

Novel writer

Novel writer is generally a good guy. The novel writer would try to explain the whole novel, long-winded details of their trading decisions and projects. Novel writer is always looking for a forex trading profit philosophically.

System trader

The system trader is to always try a technique, that have discovered on Internet or do it yourself. This ia new system every few weeks, and “it will work definitely “.

You are hundred percent sure to meet interesting people in foreign forums. That too ,All in search of Holy Grail, of course. Forex forums are always an interesting place to hang out and check out some ideas. But ofcourse, not all ideas coming from them will be good, instead it will help to broaden thinking and finding new ideas.