Money Management in Forex – the most important thing in forex trading

Fix 2 rookie traders on the front of screen, offering the best probability set-up, and in large measure, each one has to take other side of bag. You can see that both the wind loses money. What are the difference and the important thing which separating seasoned trader’s fans? Money management is the answer for this.

How diet and says money management one which needs few practice in the real life. Also reason is very simple: how to eat healthy and to become fit, the money management may seem like burdensome or an activity which is not a pleasant one. It makes the traders to monitor regularly their positions and also to take the losses which many people do not want to do.
Note that the trader has to earn 100% of the capital less than 1% of retailers around the world – just to break the income statement at 50%. The 75% levy, the trader must quadruple their account only to restore it to original equity which is like Herculean task.

Big One
Even though many traders are having information in details with the figures are ignored. Books of trading are filled with stories of traders losing many years, earning a trade gone wrong. Like that the loss of Runaway is the result of sloppy money management, non-stop hard and a lot of needs on average low and high average shorts. Other than these, the loss of Runaway is simply due to the loss of discipline.
Many of the traders start trading on his career, consciously or unconsciously, to view “The Big One” – one of the trades, making them huge amount and to live the life freely. In FX, the fantasy is reinforced by folklore of the market. But the plain truth for most retailers is that, other than experiencing the “great victory”, most operators will only have a “great loss”, which they can knock out of the game.

Learning hard lessons
It is possible for the traders to avoid such fate by just controlling the risk of a stop loss. Never take a risk which is more than 1% of the share capital. It is a nice idea and trader can go wrong twenty times in the row, yet 80% of its capital on the left.
The fact is that only some traders are practicing with discipline using the methods. A trader of the expert says: “Pick a number, which does not fundamentally change your life if you get lost completely now, divide that number five, because the first attempts at negotiation are more likely to end up blowing out .. ” Again, this is very wise advice, and is worth considering the following to anyone trading FX.

Styles of managing money
There are generally two methods to practice money management success. With small stops a trader can try to reap the profits of a few large winning trades, or an operator can select to go for so much small squirrels like gains and take infrequent but large stops in hopes of many small profits outweigh the gains of losses. The one method generates much minor instances of pain, but it gives some great moments of ecstasy. Other than this, the second method, which many small tips of happiness but the experience of some very nasty psychological hits? With this wide strategy to stop, it is not uncommon to lose a week or a month worth of benefits in less subjects.
By far, your personality and the method selected by you depends on the personality, is part of the discovery process for each operator. An important advantage of the foreign exchange market is that it can fit both styles as well, with no additional cost to the retailer. Since FX is a market based on the spread, the transaction cost and size of the position is related to position of any economic agent.

Four methods of stops
When you are in a position to trade in serious approach to the money management and the capital is properly allocated to the account, we can see four different stops to be taken into account.
Equity Stop
Equity stop is simple one and trader will make risks at predetermined amount from your account in a single operation. A common measure of risk is 2% of the account on the same route. In a merchant trading account $ 10,000 hypothetical would risk $ 200, about 200 points in one mini lot of EUR / USD, just 20 points on a standard lot of 100,000 units. Strong criticism of the decision of equity is that it puts an arbitrary exit point on a position trader.
Chart Stop
It is possible to make many possible stops in technical analysis with the price action cards with the use of many technical indicator signals. The example of a decision chart is the swing high or low point.
Volatility Stop
More advanced version of the decision of the chart uses volatility other than the price action to set the risk parameters. Main idea is that in an environment of high volatility when prices traverse wide ranges, the trader must adapt to current conditions and allow room for the position more likely to avoid being arrested by the intra-market noise.
A simple way to calculate the volatility is by using Bollinger Bands, which use standard deviation to calculate the variance in the price. Note that the overall position of the exposure not to exceed two percent of account and it is essential that trader must use small lots to the properly size their overall risk in the industry.
Margin Stop
It is probably the most orthodox of all strategies for managing money, but can be effective method for FX, if used wisely. Unlike exchange-based markets, forex markets 24 hours a day. Here FX dealers can easily liquidate the customer positions as soon as you activate a margin call. This is the reason, FX customers having less danger of creating negative balance in the account, since computer closes all positions automatically. This strategy of money management requires the merchant to divide its capital into ten equal parts.
As you can see, the money management in the FX is very flexible and varies as per the market. The only universal rule is that all operators in this market must practice some form of success.
Regardless of how much influence a merchant accepts this analysis of his control speculative capital would prevent operators from blowing up in his account, only one trade and would allow him to take many swings are potentially benefit able set-up without health care or treatment setting manual stops.