Method to calculate currency correlations

It is a must for a currency trader to know about the currency correlation in between commodities and many types of currencies. The knowledge about the movement of one currency to another while making trading business will help the trader to make more income without any loss or fear of loss while making investment. Also this correlation is helpful for trading investors to play trends which are indirect and is not related to foreign exchange trading market.
Table of Currency Correlation
To get genuine correlation numbers of different types of currencies, a trader can make use of Correlation table. The currency correlation table makes comparison of currencies such as Euro and USD V/s many other types of currencies around the globe. Other than this the trader can see pair correlation of silver and gold in this table. It is mentioned like XAG/USD for silver and XAU/USD for gold. Here the terms AG and AU are the short forms of silver and gold respectively.
Quick Correlation Check
There is other tool also exists to check correlation among currencies and bonds, stocks, commodities, mutual funds and many more financial related products. For analyzing and making comparison the relation of currency pairs and other financial products having ticker symbol, Google Finance is a better choice.
Normally AUS and USD currency pair is mentioned as risk trade one as it is somewhat risky for the trading professionals. S&P500 index can be said as the index of 500 US based stocks. The stocks are of course riskier than many other types of investments and because of this the index increases and decreases easily. As these two are the part of risk-trade, AUD and USD pair and S&P500 index demonstrate positive correlation. Also it moves in up and down position in the same time.