Merging the Multiple Timeframes in forex trading

It is a must for us to understand the methods to merge multiple chart frames for getting an idea about good time for selling and buying in forex trading process.
It is easy for a trader to search and find chart frames which will work together and to make a proper analysis of market in foreign exchange.
Most common combined time frames
Below are some time frames which are mainly combined together for complete analysis.
1. One, five and 30 minutes
2. Five, ten and 60 minutes
3. Thirty minutes, one hour and four hour
4. four hour, one day and one week
The reason for saying these 4 steps workout is:
1. These are very much close to each other and the information on the time frame is related to one another in both shorter and longer time frames.
2. They are enough far and switching between one view and other gives a different outlook on market.
Long and short term time frames
For getting more profit in trading it is a must to combine both long short term time frames. The trader who manily focuses on one hour bars must look at 15 minutes chart to fix the entry points. Also the day trader has to focus on five minute candlestick charts. Like that they can check one hour chart also to know about big picture that affects in buy or sell orders of the intra day.
The trades which are on multiple time frames are the best ones. Suppose if there is information from five minutes, ten minutes and one hour charts to make purchase then the trader can easily earn good profits from them. Same like that if the five minute chart screams sell and ten and sixty minute charts says to make purchase then it is not good to make short time trade.