MBA Mortgage Applications survey

The MBA mortgage application is a weekly published survey that contains statistics related to the demand of credit on the houses of US. The survey includes the data from the new homes as well as old ones on which mortgage is refinanced. Through the help of this survey, an investor can track down the behavior of housing market.
When the mortgage applications are increased, it gives an indication that there is an economic expansion s the income of people has increased. The housing market is an important sector for an economy that indicates that there is a huge work going on the sale and purchase of new homes. The MBA mortgage application doesn’t leave an impact on the market. However, investors and analysts uses this data in combination with other important indices to see how the market is behaving so that they can act accordingly.
The survey uses multiple indices from which there are two indices that correctively guide about the direction housing market. These are purchase indices that look up at the mortgage application to measure the change in the sales of existing home. The other one is the refinancing index that measures the refinancing actions on the mortgage applications.
On the very first date of September 2010, the bankers association of mortgage released a weekly survey from 20th-27th August. According to the survey, the composite index which is being used to examine the overall volume of the mortgage was raised up to 2.7%, which was different from the previous week. Additionally, the refinancing index showed almost the same figures. However, this data was still about 37% lower to the previous year at the same point.