Manufactured Housing as forex indicator

Manufactured housing is the latest name for the assembled housing which refers to that type of houses that are just built in some protected sites, and later they are moved to a site where it can be used according to the predefined contract.
This concept came in 1950 where the ultimate purpose for building these houses was for those people who can’t live at one place and prefers to change places. From that point, these houses are usually sold to those people who don’t like to pay mortgage or rental but still wants to have their own home. Due to easy affordability, these houses became very popular among families. Since, these were built for the bigger families so a lot of families were attracted to purchase houses. The average height of these homes was between 8-10 feet.
As the time went by, the size of houses started to increase, and it became difficult to move them around. Earlier, such houses were easily moved from one place to another through the car due to small in size. Today, mostly homes are built as permanent fixtures, and they can be easily taken away.
Earlier, the quality of homes was very low as they were made on the low budget. Hence, the value of such homes used to drop very easily as compared to modern-day homes.
The only problem with such house was that they were risky to purchase as their value goes down quickly. In case, the mortgages were granted the loan period was very limited, which could be less than 30 years. Furthermore, the interest rates were relatively higher for such homes.
The loan acquiring process was made a lot tougher because such house was built for low-income individuals, color and zone limitations, and limitation on the type of foundations.
These types of homes is purchased in millions every year, still the statistics of such homes are not included so they can’t accurately present the real picture of the economy.