LMT Forex Trading Results

I had spent nearly one month in trading LMT system and the consequences were reasonable actually. This formula is a special trading advisor which can run on the platform of MetaTrader. This software gives instruction on when to purchase or sell a pair of currency and how to preparethe stop loss order and take gain orders. I found this software to be clear regarding the recommended trades.
It is significant to note that the system of trading is not automatic. It is the manual system of trading that leavescertain discretion to the real dealer. A single problem that I didn’t like regarding this software is it seemed to offer certain signals when the pair of currency was at the extreme level. This means that this system had a sensible amount of various signals on certain pairs that would offer signal to move on a duo that was overbought currently or signal to move short on the pair that was oversold currently. To become successful, I found this very important to utilize my judgment in the form of filter.
My thumb rules for filtering:
• Overlook long signals on the over purchased pairs.
• Overlook small indicators on the oversold pairs.
• At a time you cannot open three trades.
• If any changes are indicated, close the deals immediately.
• Use signals only from four hours chart.
The pair of currency that I utilized for testing the system wasUSD/EUR, GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF and EUR/CAD. All these pairs have certain common aspects, but the personalities of each one of them was a bit different. The effects were really fine. Utilizing the basic rules over and trading mini lots after a single month of dealing I had gained of nearly 2.22 percent. One can surely make large amount if they want to raise the level of risk. You can surely make large amount of money if they have a desire to increase the level of risk. I personally like to use traditional management of risk.
You can find the results in a statement from Interbank Demo Account. This account began with fine thousand dollars and when the month ends, the net balance that consists of all profits and losses was nearly $7120.93.