Leading Forex Regulators list by country

The forex market is huge, it is global and it is not restricted within any national borders. All these points about the forex market make it necessary to have forex regulators who will ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity for making profits from this market. But, this doesn’t mean that there are no critics to the forex brokering industry.
While some critics claim that brokers knowingly make it difficult for you to make profits while trading in forex, others say that they spoil the forex market for honest investors.

Leading Forex Regulators
The regulatory authorities are unique to their countries. While some of these authorities look after the wider securities market, others exclusively take care of the forex market. The country-wise important regulatory authorities are mentioned as following:

The Australian Sec. and Investment Comm. – Site – asic.gov.au

1. The Canadian Investor Protect. Fund – Site – cipf.ca
2. The British Columbia Sec. Comm. – Site – bcsc.bc.ca
3. The Investment Inds. Regulatory Org. of Canada – Site – iiroc.ca
4. The Fin. Transactions & Reports Analysis Center of Canada – Site – fintrac.gc.ca

The Danish Fin. Supervisory Auth. –Site – dfsa.dk


The Finish Fin. Supervisory Auth. –Site – fin-fsa.fi

1. The Reserve Bank of India – Site – rbi.org.in
2. The Sec. & Exchange Bd. of India – Site – sebi.gov.in

The Reserve bank of Ireland – Site – centralbank.ie

1. The Japan Sec. Dealers Assoc. – Site – jsda.or.jp
2. The Fin. Services Agency of Japan – Site – fsa.go.jp
3. The Tokyo Commodity Exch. – Site – tocom.or.jp
4. The Japan Investor Protect. Fund


The Sec. Comm. of Malaysia –Site – sc.com.my

New Zealand
1. The Fin. Markets Auth. – Site – fma.govt.nz
2. The Fin. Services Complaints Ltd. -Site – fscl.org.nz
3. The Fin. Service Providers Register – Site – business.govt.nz
4. The Serious Fraud Office – sfo.govt.nz
5. The New Zealand Exch. – Site – nzx.com

1. The Assoc. Romande des Intermediares Financiers – Site – arif.ch
2. The Swiss Fed. Banking Comm. – Site – finma.ch
3. The Swiss Bankers Assoc. – Site – swissbanking.org
4. The Swiss Fed. Dept. of Fin. – Site – efd.admin.ch
5. The Swiss Fin. Market Supervisory Auth. – Site – finma.ch
6. The Swiss Fed. Fin. Administration – Site – efv.admin.ch
7. The Swiss National Bank – Site – snb.ch
8. The Geneva Chamber of Commerce -Site – ccig.ch
9. The PolyReg – Site – polyreg.ch

United Kingdom
1. The Fin. Services Compensation Fund – Site – fscs.org.uk
2. The UK Fin. Services Auth. – Site – fsa.gov.uk

United States
1. The Fin. Inds. Regulatory Auth. – Site – finra.org
2. The Commodities & Futures Trading Comm. – Site – cftc.gov
3. The National Futures Assoc. -Site – nfa.futures.org
4. The US Sec. and Exchanges Comm. – Site – sec.gov
5. The Office of the Comp. of the Currency – Site – occ.treas.gov
6. The Sec. Investor Protect. Corporation – Site – sipc.org
7. The Chicago Bd. of Trade – Site – cmegroup.com