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fxcmFXCM has declare that its -King of the Mini competition has experience a makeover and will be popularly known as -King of the Micro. FXCM Micro emerge itself as discount brokerage division of FXCM, and customers of FXCM Micro can trade with forex extreme low spreads, automatic execution, one K lot sizes. For the last 4 years, King of the Micro has provided opportunity to traders all around the world the opportunity to be King. In the earlier time, the traders have come from the China, U.S, Canada, Malaysia, and from U.K. It is absolutely free to participate and no need to registration. Just you have to need an account with balance $500 at the starting of each single month, and you will get a chance to participate in contest automatically. You also have to make 10 trades during the running month to stay qualified. Traders may access with a FXCM Micro trading account with the amount of $25. All FXCM Micro customers get free buy as well as sell trading option through Daily forex, and with blue arrows to buy, red arrows for sell.
King of the Micro contest, gives you cash prizes each month of $25,000 for the trader who gain highest trading profit, second prize is $10,000, and $5,000 for third place.

The working procedure of contest:
The winners must be trade with the top percentage gain. The percentages will specified by comparing starting equity to the concluding equity for the individual trading month. The winners will be decided after fifteen days of the contest.
The contest starts at 5:00 PM on New York time on the first trading day of every month and close at 5.00PM New York time on the last day of the month. The winners will be selected by calculating the biggest percentage gain every month. The percentage profits will be determined on the closing gross P/L as a ledger amount balance against the starting balance for the current month. Winners will be declared by the 15th of the following current month.
There are some restrictions of entering forex trading such as qualified traders cannot perform in the trading contest. Traders can opt-out from the competition at any instant time before the contest.
Foreign exchange trading carries huge risk, and may not be perfect for all traders. The maximum amount of leverage can also work against of you. Before starting, the foreign exchange trading you should concern about your investment aims, and experience level. The probability exists that you could support loss of little or all of your primary investment and so that you should not spend money that you might not fall in loses. More ever, you should be careful of the entire risk regarding with trading foreign exchange and seek suggestion from an independent experience financial consultant if you have any confusion..

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