Introduction to Major forex pairs

In the Forex market, there are mainly 4 currency pairs. Commonly called “The Majors”. Majors comprise of most liquid and traded pairs of currency in market.


Currency that is normally sold first of all, which are highly liquid, is euro (EUR) vs. USD currency pair. Many of the market traders start learning with the EUR / USD. The average of daily range for GBP / USD is 100 points.


The British pound (GBP) against the U.S. dollar (USD). It is also traded in a pair with a much more volatile on average. Traders principle should not operate this pair unless they would have some experience behind them. Average daily range in the GBP / USD is about 150 pips.


The U.S. dollar (USD) against the Swiss franc (CHF) is one of another major pairs. This is a fine pair to use and measure strength of the USD. Here average daily range is 100 pips.


The U.S. dollar against Japanese yen (JPY). This pair of trading has its own stand. It will at times tend in a direction of opposition than the other pair of U.S. dollars during the risk aversion in the markets. One important note, is that this pair became very volatile in the process of taking risks at the markets. Average daily range of the torque is about 100 pips.

There are many number of currencies which you can make trade with in Forex trading. It is good to begin with these kind of pairs, because they would tend to be more expectable ranges and change in values.