Instaforex Broker offers stocks forex and indexes – earn money as forex trader

InstaForex broker claims to be the best forex brokerage services in Asia. Service providers give necessary tools and also opportunities for retailers to work with various financial instruments like stocks, forex and indexes.
As far as InstaForex Brokers offer more than 140 symbols for trade and transactions are in real time with a transmission rate is higher than 1:1000. Apart from that, the service also allows forex swap-free accounts, among other things. Trading platform uses MT4 to provide a complete package that includes the platform leading trading and analysis of the various charts and reports to assist in decision making process. Other than this, they also provide forex calculators with the real time prices and availability of various technical indicators in the market.

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The advantage of InstaForex broker is that they are giving signup bonus for new comers. They provide an opening balance of the bonus amount as the increase of initial capital. Other than this they have an affiliate program which helps to reach more people and organize various competitions to give additional operators of getting money, which makes it look very lucrative. If we consider other benefits, InstaForex brokers allow the account for as little as a dollar, and the lowest bids are allowed much less than 0.01, which is $ 1000. This makes InstaForex broker more attractive to the customers who wish to do trade by making for small investments.
But there are different people who claim they were cheated by this platform. The company has at least one set of rules for how they sees the bonus amount has been allocated and can be used and creates a kind of complexity, since the platform will automatically cancel the transaction, which it believes is not legitimate. But there are also many people who testify that the system works wonderfully for them, and the quick service from Paypal makes it easy and trust worthy. Many traders got thousands of dollars as a bonus from this in short period.

Overall, InstaForex Broker provide very lucrative option for beginners, but a research and appropriate care, and also test with free account that will provide the trading platform offers good returns for you.