HY Markets Review

The HY Markets is a property of the Henyep Capital Markets UK Limited. It is situated in London and it is a supplemental or a sister company of the Henyep Group. This group is known as a multinational firm with businesses in various nations that are into the financial sector, property and education. They are also very much active in handling social works in various countries. The HY Market is into giving online trading assistance to their trades in the international markets. They are a broker is so famous to the traders for different types of products that they offer like foreign exchange, stocks, precious metals, merchandises as well as indices. With the user friendly unified account that they offer, everyone can easily do the trading into the market without having a hard time using different trading platforms.
The trading platforms
The HY Markets has been the primary trading platform option for a lot of traders who are into finding direct and fast access to the money markets. They have been in operating for so many years now and in over 3 decades, their experience is truly incomparable and they have been very much committed in providing their clients the access to 4 various types of trading platforms suited for their needs such as the HY Webtrader, HY MT4 Webtrader, HY MT4 download and the HY MT mobile.

The HY Market accounts types

As we can read in HY Markets Review, The HY markets do offer three kinds of accounts that are based on the trading background such as the mini, the standard and the premium types of accounts. The bigger the accounts are suited for the very important person private trader type of service, which is actually giving the edge type of service and entrée to the markets.

In terms of the mini account, it is dealt by the newbie trader, it mandates the trader to have at least 50usd deposit. The deposit of around 750usd unlocks a standard account, which is more suited for those with a background in trading, while 2,500usd or even more for those who call themselves veteran trader and they can open the premium type of account. The leverage of 300:1 can be availed for the 3 accounts then there is around 1.8 pip spread in each of them. The 4th account of the HY Markets is the HY Pro Trader Account, this a kind of VIP account for those who are known as the high rollers who can start with the amount of 5,000usd. The leverage will be more than 200:1 which will be obtainable and the spread is around 0.5 pips.

Even if the advantages for all of the accounts mentioned are primarily similar to one another, it was just so good to perceive them shown to be able to compare them. This is just a pleasant piece that they offer to their traders. The demo account on the other hand is quite thoughtful with the amount of 50,000usd in web funds that are available to traders who would like to try trading before taking their change at risk. At hand is an even part that actually explains the variety of components of the demo or basic account, this feature is quite rare to find with other brokers.

Bonuses and offers

The traders who use the HY Markets can actually imagine to get some of the bonuses and then get involve in the promos on the HY Markets. The Traders who actually use the HY Markets may expect to get some of bonuses as well as join in the promos on the HY Markets. Some of these are the following:

1. The overall deposit bonus may reach up to thirty five percent of the account deposit. It is meant for new traders.

2. The special bonuses that are smeared to different kinds of accounts just like the income ranking bonus program. The bonuses are distinguished according to the volume of trading.

3. The golden ladder bonus program. In this particular one, the scope of the bonus is actually linked to the cost of the gold as well as the extent of the bonus elevated with the boost in exchange capacity on a trading account. This goes to show that the more active a client is in terms of trading, the higher the bonus quantity he/she will get.

4. For those who holds the classic accounts, the bonus rewards may be in the formula of % of the deposit quantity. The deposits may rise up to 10%.

5. There are also trading contests being offered by the HY Markets.

a. The trader’s community battle: this is open for those who holds the mini accounts. The payout will be around $800. it is an ongoing contest, since this is done monthly.
b. The technique is also open to those who hold the mini account and the shares are around $500 to the uppermost traders.

The Software

For a lot of traders, the software kind in a forex broker is one of the primary feature that must be considered and it is also estimated before they make an account or before they trade. The HY Markets is truly great with the options for its software kind as well. It uses the famous and highly optional forex display place. Because of the fact that it is web based trading software, there is no need to download as well as install it. It is also known as the primary and the easiest platform there is.

Discover more about the HY Markets Forex Broker

Demo account

It is just very obvious that as any other type of dependable Forex broker in this field, the HY markets has a good and very challenging bonus available for you. They offer the demo account, this is a type of bonus that is especially meant for newbies. There is no need for an initial deposit. Given the cyber money that you can use to make the trades and to be able to check if the trading will be suited for you.

Refer a friend

This is a specialized type of program for traders that provides them the possibility to persuade a friend to come and join them. This will bring them money. The friend that was referred to will also be given with a reward, which means everybody will win in this program.

Loyal client programs

This program is individualized and it is being offered to regular and very loyal patrons who gets it in a variety of method. When you apply for it, you will be more knowledgeable with the HY Markets Forex broker.