How to use Claimant Count Change Report in forex trading ?

Claimant count refers to the allowance given to a job seeker. The details are announced on the 2nd Thursday of each month. It is published in the UK by the office of national statistics.
All the information either comes from the job-centre or through a body who is solely responsible for awarding job-seekers stipend. The data figures contain the list of all JSA claimants, even those are included who didn’t actually receive a gift, but they managed to sign in just to maintain their credit of national insurance. Through this, they have made it possible to receive a handsome pension after the end of their job.
There are few prerequisites that claimant must remember that includes free from work, eligible for work, on the spot available, and above all they must be seeking for the job. Additionally, they should be able to create a plan of action that they will look forward to achieving during their work time.
There is nothing denying from the fact that count is a handy indicator for letting us know the condition of the labour market, but it doesn’t show the unemployment stats as it is just actions the number of populace having the benefits.
One can obtain numerous statistics from the claimant tally. The statistics are aligned based on age, gender, claims length, and along with that it contains an inflow and outflow of the monthly count. Statistics are made available in the UK based on per geographical region.
Now a question arises as how can these counts affect the market? Markets of currency trading like those who trade in the GBP/USD will always keep a close eye on the changes arriving in the count as it will give them a clear picture of the state of economy in the UK.
For example, in the May, the claimant count release of the last month showed that the claims have been reduced by the 10K. However, this reduction was still less than of previous month deduction, which went up to 40k. The impact on the currency markets will be as follows:
“In the next several hours of trading, the currency pair GBP/USD is expected to make a rise. Volatility is likely to appear as a reason for this as economic forecasts shows that other 10k jobs are going to be removed. We are doing this to make a short in the GBP/USD pair.
They had to do this because figures show that this month very few people are able to join the work than the last month. Hence, the market is facing fewer recovery time at the moment.