How to use Average Earnings Index Bonus report in online forex trading ?

The AEI (Average Earning Index) is an indicator that shows the pace of earnings in a specific country. Surveys are the source of the information for the AEI, and it is being utilized to measure the overall increase in the yearly rate of payment. This is done by using the index value for the previous three months and then comparing these values with the data of the previous year.
The formula of calculating numbers is done by dividing the overall payment with the total number of employees. The paid ones also include those employees who were not present for that moment due to the strike. The average increase for the three months was the base of the measurement scale.
The good thing is that since AEI is available for the complete economy, so it can be applied for both private and public sectors, and that can be used for both services and industry purposes. The indexes are available in the both bonus and non-bonus versions. When an index is published, it is being adjusted monthly with the growing rates.
There are some adjustments being made that include the total percentage of the labor force being applied to the skilled or non-skilled jobs. This can easily influence the index of AEI, but this is inherent to a computation of standard tiers of recompense per employee somewhat a reckoning of the standard rate itself.
There are few things in which the index doesn’t many any changes. This includes a number of hours worked, including overtime, and if there is an increase in pay then it would definitely increase the overtime hours. AEI doesn’t show any changes being made in the work force.
Information related to the bonus on payments is during between the referenced time’s period that is being supplied by all the participants of the survey. When a bonus payment is being made, it is then confirmed for that month.
After the May 1977 time period, the growth in pay was possibly carried out without any information on bonus. Hence, the bonus faced the time period of disconnection. In February 1999, an alternation was made in the bonus mechanism. Data related to that particular time period was not similar. This means that after July 2000, some seasonal adjustments were made, and that was without any sort of bonus.