How to earn money with Instaforex forex broker and get bonus in 4 steps ?

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1. Instaforex promotion and bonus.
2. Instaforex promotion and Bonus Company offer a welcome bonus for all the traders on joining the platform. There are two types of bonuses that are being reserved for the clients. One is fixed bonus and welcome bonus, which are up to 30% of your total initial deposit. However, remember that you can’t qualify for both types of bonuses at one time. To get the welcome bonus, it is essential that a trader must complete the registration form and apply for the bonus receipt. The whole process is quite simple and can be done within few minutes. To claim your bonus, you have to open a live account.
3. Step1: on the opening page of trading account, one can apply for the registration of the account. Bonus receipt is applicable to every type of trading account. If the client opens an account other than US-Dollar, his bonus will be converted into that currency.
4. Step 2: To get the bonus, it is essential to complete the depositing procedure. For the bonus of 30 USD, it is necessary to deposit 100 USD. The same percentage goes on all the deposit values.
5. Step 3: After completing the registration of the account, you will be asked to choose a type of bonus. After selecting the type of bonus, you will be asked to fill the registration form. To get the fixed bonus, you must remember that you will have to provide scanned copies of your passport or ID card.
6. Step 4: The bonus will be credited within the 24 hours of your registration. It will be available as soon as the bonus department completes the analyzing process.
7. Instaforex is now offering a brand-new service to their clients in the form of Bank Debit Card. With this card, you can easily manage all your money.