How To Backtest An Expert Advisor In Metatrader forex trading platform

If you are going to step up in forex trading then you must know which platform is suitable for your trading purpose. People find a lot of trading platforms on internet, but which one is reliable? Metatrader is a reliable platform for your forex trading. It is easily available on internet. So all you need is to download Metatrader and then install it in your system. Once you are done this platform is ready to serve you.
If you want back testing of any expert advisor, you have to open the advisor manual and then copy that advisor’s files and paste it in required folder. Then you have to restart the application of Metatrader. Now click the “view” button shown in the tool bar and then press the “strategy tester”. A window will open which will display following three fields.
• Expert advisor,
• Symbol and
• Model.

Expert Advisor:
Expert advisor window will display a list containing all the advisors installed by the user. Select the one you need to backtest.
It contains a list of currency pairs that a broker is providing.]
It contains three values.
• Every tick,
• Control points and
• Open prices.
In every tick technique you need to select a movement of the price e.g. from 4.16789 point to 4.71379. It is relatively slow process for backtesting. In open prices the values are tested on the basis of values shown on bars. This is a quicker way of backtesting.