How Do You Trade at Forex market – how do you earn money ?

You can purchase or sell the currencies in forex market.
Foreign exchange market is very simple to placing a trade. Trade of mechanics is equal to other markets, if you are an experienced person in trading so select it as early as possible.
In the forex trading material is to be exchange from one currency to another then the price will change in expectation, currency which you bought it will increase the value automatically which you have sold one.
Ratio of each currency value against to another currency is simple to exchange rate. U.S.D./CHF are indicates the exchange rate in how much US$ can you buy one Swiss franc? This is an example. Or to purchase the US$ how much Swiss francs do you need?

Reading of Quote Forex
USD/GBP or USD/JPY are currencies quoted pairs. Reason which quoted to pairs is because of any foreign exchange transaction are simultaneously a currency and sold to other.
The currency list of the first left in the slash (“/”) is base currency (British pound). The second one in right is quote or counters currency.(U.S.$).
In exchange they tell you the price while purchase how much to pay in quote currency unit to get one unit of base currency. So in the above example shows that you have to pay1.51258 U.S. dollars to purchase one British pound.
Exchange rate tells how many units in quote currency selling one unit base currency. You will receive 1.51258 U.S. dollars while you sell one British pound with above example given.
The currencies of base are for the purchase or selling. If you purchase EUR/USD this means you are purchasing currency as well as selling quote currency. They says, buy EUR, and sell USD.

Short /Long
First you have to decide whether you want to sell or buy.
If you plan to purchase a base currency to sell quote currency, you should know raise of base currency value and then sell it back in higher price. This is what they known as “going long” or taking a “long position.” in trader’s talks. Remember: long = buy.
When you wanted to sell base currency and purchase a quota currency, so you are waiting to go down the price value of base currency which you can purchase it back in a lower price. Which is known as “going short” or “short position”. Remember: short = sell.

All forex quotes with two prices: bid and ask. The bid is less than ask price is most part.
In which your agent try to buy base currency of exchange for quote currency in bid price. Bid price is good available which you sold to the market.
In which your agent will sell base currency of exchange for quote currency is the ask price. This means that ask price is fantastic available which you buy in market. offer price is the other word for the ask.
Spread is correctly known which is the difference between bid and ask price.
EUR/USD quote bid cost 1.34568 ask cost 1.34588 see how this agent makes so easy to trade cash.