FXCM Close to $1 Trillion Trading Volume in Q2 – top world forex broker FXCM

fxcmAccording to United States forex market FXCM’s broker reported the best quarter of year 2011 with the trading volume of $938 billion. This Q2 was the best quarter of his career. The record months were May and June. In these two months a significant uplift in no of trading accounts was also observed. The media and press called this $938 billion trade the highest trade in the history of FXCM. This became the current news of every business channel and was considered a miracle in the FXCM’s history.
In European market, for the past two months of QE3, an increase in volatility was observed which means the profit margin in QE3 decreased for the European markets though the trading rates were very high those days. So it is very significant to understand a factor that the increase in volatility is inversely proportional to the increase in profit. Whenever the volatility will be high the profit will be less and the lower volatility indicates a bigger profit.
Now let us have a look at the retail metrics of Q2 for June 2011
In June 2011 an overall trading of 317 billion dollars was observed which was approximately 10% higher then June 2010 and was about 3% lesser then May 2011. The overall retail trading of 938 billion dollars was performed in this second quarter of year 2011. This was approximately 14% higher than first quarter Q1 of the same year. This trading broke all the previous records in the history of FXCM and came up with a new highest record.
It was also observed that the average retail-customer-trading volume on daily basis was approximately 14.4 billion dollars and it is 3% lesser then May 2011 collected data and an approximate rise of 10% then June 2011.
Now coming towards the retail-client-trading on daily basis we have figured out a sum of 363,557 retail-client-traders every day, this figure has not shown any significant change from May 2011 and had shown about thirteen % raise from that figured out in June 2010.
Trading accounts were increased by 2% from that of May 2011 and if we compare it with the June 2010 calculated figures then they show us a rise of 4%.
The CEO and President of FXCM while bugging up the employees expressed his feelings of happiness and honor for the up going reputation of FXCM.