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Forex Contest

Registration Link: In order to view it, you need to be logged in as the member of the website. And, if you are already not a member, you can click here to fulfill the free registration process, and then login, and return back to go check the registration form.

Type of Account: Demo Accounts and Real trading accounts

Information about Prize Claiming: Kindly update your registration form with liberty reserve information or PayPal in case you expect to receive a payment.

Rules of the Contest

1. The right to disqualify a contestant lies with us.
2. Double participation and cheating not allowed.
3. Multiple entries from one household may be disqualified.


You are eligible to participate in the contest if it is legal to do so under the jurisdiction of your area. In order to nullify the risk of any loss, the trading will be carried out on demo accounts. One contestant is allowed to make only a single entry.

Those who hold the highest equity when the contest period ends, are declared winners. It is necessary that such participants should not have violated any rules of trading and that they are not disqualified. The name of the winners will be displayed on the forums, and prize claim would be intimated through email.


eToro issues the First Prize in account equity, while all the remaining prizes are given away by, and you can get it through PayPal or liberty reserve. It is necessary to provide your information in order to receive the payment. And, if you are unable to provide the information within 30 days, your prize will stand forfeit.


When the contestant enters the contest, he/she agrees that we would not be held liable for any type of damages that arise during the participation, disqualification, attempted participation etc. The right to disqualify a contestant lies with us.

Placement Results

The previous and present results are displayed on trading contest forums. The present positioning is posted on the specific forum topic on everyday basis. You can visit the contest forums by clicking here.

* The First Position gets paid in account equity by Etoro.

Important Notice

High-Risk Warning

There are huge chances of rewards associated with Futures, Forex and Options, along with huge potential risks. The huge leverage at your hand can’t only work for you, but also against you. and, at the same time it is important that you have the knowledge about the risks involved in investing in futures, forex and options. And you should be able to bear them when you want to deal in this market.

There is significant amount of risk involved in forex trading that everyone may not be able to accept. It is always advised not to trade with other’s money, or the money that you can’t lose. Here, on this website you are not solicited or offered to buy or sell futures, currencies or options. And, there are no claims being made to impress that any account has the chance of making a profit or loss, like the one’s described on this site. The news, opinions, analysis, research, prices and any information on this site is simply a general commentary on the market and should not be treated as an advice for investment. The owners of this website and affiliates are never responsible for any damage or loss, including and not limited to any loss on profit that results from using or relying upon the information provided here. It is to be noted that the previous performance of a trading system doesn’t give any indication about a future result.