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I was having a review of my forex binary results for September 2011. It showed me some really great results. By viewing such results people asked me various queries about the forex market and I gave them answer to their questions. We will discuss some of them over here.
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People asked me to tell them tell them briefly about forex trading, how to start it and how can they earn great profit out of this business. Let’s discuss about general information about forex trading. There is a great mob of people who would be familiar with the basic knowledge of forex. This data is easily available via book or internet. The purpose of this article is this give the practical awareness. I will be trying me level best to straighten this curved path of learning. A huge collection of data about forex will be seen on internet and business magazines and books. Some of these sources will be providing you a very informative data about forex trading and unfortunately some of them will be misleading you very badly. So you should choose the right source for your guidance if you really are interested in forex trading and want to earn great capital out of it. I have seen people saying that Forex trading is a great opportunity in a sense that it makes you a millionaire over night and that it is quiet easy to handle the forex trades. I think either they are not familiar of the facts or they are just trying to grab people for their own benefits.
Second thing is that you might turn it into a home business but again for this purpose you need to have really good knowledge and expertise in this field. If you won’t be able to manage these two things you definitely are on the losing side in this game and will even waste the money you invested. So I would recommend you to get a proper knowledge about this field and then jump into this business.

I have heard a great mob of people asking about the best time to trade. I have experienced a lot of trades and thus I personally believe that two times are the peak times to hit your target. One is the opening time of the forex market and the other is the closing time of the forex market. During these two times normally the market is inactive and you can easily hit the goal you decided to achieve. These are the times to raise or lower down the market values and points.
. I have face a great number of cases asking me what are the trading indicators, how they work and what information we can get by observing them? Indicators are the key things of the forex marketing. These indicators show various fluctuations of the market. They also show various trends of the market. If someone can understand these indicators he can become a record breaking trader as these fluctuations and trends act as a backbone in forex market.

Using RSI indicator and 15 minutes chart you can have great results – intraday trading – Binary Options Trade History :
Binary options trade history statistics  - trade results

75% winning rate :
Trading history binary option - trade report - trade statistics

Good luck !