eToro Forex Trading Platform offers chat and forex trading tools – get forex bonus

Broker plays an important role in forex trading to make success. eToro is best option for fresh traders to learn and earn. In the year 2007 it is launched and development by Jonathan Assia group who are major financial experts. British Virgin Islands is the head quaters of it. In The website different types of language available like Japanese, Arabic, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, German, and Spanish. By this it is easy to learn forex marketing for people around the globe from eToro website.
Now eToro is top of forex trading platforms named as “most innovative platform of 2010” and “best show” by 2011. eToro is useful for beginners as well as experience trader.

Etoro forex broker review
eToro is most advanced and innovative platforms you ever come across available in online with downloadable version. The downloadable platform naturally operated in two different modes: expert and visual mode. Visual mode gives fun learning experience for beginners. This mode makes to trade easy enjoyable illustrating trader’s form a game. Trade can represented by race between US and Japanese cowboy if you trading USD against JPY. This mode not excludes trading tools, but it offers easy understanding of procedures in simplified format.
Traders who experienced can opt for expert mode, similar to the other top platforms of forex trading. Also it offers fundamental and advanced tools for trading as economic calendar as well as charts. Different tabs offered by trading tools which ensures information which is not cluttered as well as users having access to all data with a simple click.
If you don’t want to download platform, then you can opt web based interface which is very much user friendly. This format not support visual mode, but offers clean, well organized and convenient trade. Downloading of platform to gain access to the visual mode is highly recommended for those who are fresh to forex market.
At present eToro not offering mobile interface, it will be inconvenient, but site is expecting of making it available shortly. This patform brings both twitter account and your forex together. It helps the user to find the necessary strategies by which the trader can get more profits easily.
Different Types of Accounts at eToro
eToro having many latest salient features compared to other forex trading brokers. Amount which you deposited and the number trades conducted by you will determine account belong to facilities which you receive different account levels of include silver, gold and bronze. It is possible to start business with eToro by a minimal deposit of 50 US dollars.
Below $1000 traders are included in Bronze account, which benefits free entry traders chat room, getting chance of winning $1,500 trading weekly challenge prize, weekly informative newsletters and top up financial notifications. Depositing above $1000 or trading more than 300 lots helps you to get silver account. Above $5000 or trade up to 600 are eligible for upgrade on gold account.
Benefits offered by eToro increases to high level accounts, when you increase deposit amount. VIP status as well as special privilege will be available for those who deposit an amount $20,000 and above. The ease of innovative platforms, unique features account system, excellent customer support offer makes eToro one of best options in the forex trade market.