Dukascopy forex broker review – Swiss bank monitor accounts in safe hands

Dukascopy Bank SADukascopy is basically a Swiss company. It is the biggest retail broker of the world. It is very frequent monitored company in several countries including Switzerland. Dukascopy is found to be the most primitive ECNs one can find in forex market for retail clients. Dukascopy not only an individual level platform but it also provides its services at institutional level all over the world.
Dukascopy facilitates their customers with various different types of platforms. JForex is one of the platforms based on java. An amazing fact is that both these platforms work identically. Dukascopy is a broker which also eases its customers with the facility of both iphone/ipad platform and web-based platform. For the ease of its customers Dukascopy is also trying to introduce the beta test offered by MT4 but this application will take some time for its implementation. Dukascopy is also facilitating its customers with the 24 hour customer call care centre in the working days. Now a customer can get any information any time in the working days by making a single telephonic call to its customers call centre.
Depending upon the size of account, of the customer, Dukascopy charges commission. For example if you have a small account then the charges will be 48 U.S Dollar per million trades but if you are a big account holder then this commission is as low as 5 U.S Dollar per million trades. So your commission is based on the size of your account in Dukascopy.
Being the most primitive broker Dukascopy has captured a huge amount of local as well as international customers which are the proof of its reliability and great progress. For customers reliability is the first priority a Dukascopy provides them that reliable platform. As Dukascopy is being monitored by a Swiss bank its customers have a surety that their investment is in safe hands.
Dukascopy also facilitates their customers with the information helpful for their trading business in the form of context on both Demo and live accounts. Customers learn a lot of useful techniques for their forex market trading by viewing that context. Thus we can also say that this platform also provides its customers the facility to learn new ways of expanding their trading business. You can easily get the latest information by visiting the Dukascopy website. With Dukascopy now trading is even more reliable and profitable too. Now people have got the right platform to trade through and earn a real big capital out of their invested money.
It also offers the cheapest commission rates all over the world. People like to trade through this platform because of its reliability and transparency which is the first priority of this forex market broker.
Concluding the whole discussion we can say that Dukascopy is one of the world’s best trading platforms of forex market. It is a complete package for both beginners and professionals. Now anyone can very easily earn a great profit out of their limited invested money and time.