Characteristics of a High-Quality Stock Screen

Stock screens are very helpful tools for the investors .By these tools you can sort out accurately, thousands of companies, for finding a smaller number which matches your criteria.
There are a lot of free of cost screening tools available for the stock investors on the internet. Some are sturdier than others. Whereas some have had unique features. Many of them offer customers screening tools as well as predefined screens. These tools will be helpful for you , In case you are a new user of screening. I must encourage you all to visit these screening tools, Yahoo Finance , MSN Money , Google Finance , CNBC, Morningstar, and Market Watch.

Stock market investors may use all of them to narrow investing possibilities down for further analysis to convenient number of companies.

However, stock screen is not a selection tool for any stock .They are not able to pick winning stocks for you on their own. But they may help you to become a good investor through helping you remain focused on particular goals.

Use the Same

The majority of the best screens has had similar characteristics. Similar to anything else you can locate on the Web Site , Some of them are easier to utilize than the other are.

Moreover , being easy to utilize, the screens must have had a strong database of information for each company. They should provide at least minimum history of five years for research purposes.

Every stock market screen should contain , absolute as well as relative information. Its mean, besides to sales figures, these stock screens must show you all the details about the boost or decline has been observed yearly .

Percent changes are time and again more influential than the absolute number.

Preset Options

Several Web Sites on the internet offer stock market investors the options of preset screens. These types of screens have had the parameters that are already built in to screen in support of certain results like, value or growth.

These presets Options can be very helpful , in case you are getting started in these screens , as a result you can observe how variables are in tuned to have the desired result.

Use of Ranges

That kind of stock market screens is considered betters , which have had features allowing you to go into a range of value rather than (>or < ) variable. Whenever, you enter a range in a stock market capitalization field in between $3 billion and $ 5 billion , this range will provide you a narrow result than the value entering less than 5 billion dollar market capitalization . Contrary to $3 billion and $ 5 billion market capitalization , 5 billion dollar market will give you information about all companies listed on the stock exchanges. Conclusion It is recommended to the investors , that always looks for the screens that offer a large database, relative , presets and absolute numbers as well as give flexibility to you in entering parameters.