Stories of Successful Female Forex and Stocks Traders – Laura Pedersen

InstaForexAs we all celebrate International Women’s Day Instaforex would like to give recognition to all the hardworking and brilliant women of today. In doing so we would like to address female traders who have reached success on the financial markets and earned fame.
Here are the lists of women that did not waver through the trials of live. Here are their success stories.
Let’s begin with an extraordinaire of gambling and a sure champion

Laura Pedersen – trading genius
Who would have thought that a person that plays poker has an intelligent trick under her sleeves? When she was just 17 Laura began exploring the wonders of the alleys of Wall Street famous for its so called games for the wise. Due to her young age it was not easy getting into the business of “adult” games. But this did not stop her; being wise as she is she told her employer that if he is willing she would like to take jobs even if it means being a non-staff worker. Same as the troubles with all sorts of gamblers even if she was not allowed to play she still started to gamble. And by the age of 24 Laura has earned her first 1.5 million dollars.
Laura was raised in a farm. At a young age she was selling tomatoes to help her family, because of this it was instilled in her mind how to be clever in business. Later in her life she have discovered the excitement of the game poker and people who have known her witnessed how well she plays, she even started betting money on horses and whether by chance or probably faith she never lost. At 10 years old she asked to present her the shares of Coca-Cola Company. At the age of 14 Laura went to New York to visit the American Stock Exchange. She did not finish her study at the Michigan University, as she did not believe in any practical benefit of a higher education.
In 1984 Laura began working as a clerk earning small amount of money. But she had an agenda in taking this job she was replacing the traders who were going on vacation. She learned fast to participate in virtual wrangles. Her parents strongly oppose of her way of making a living, but for 4 years in working at the company her employers profit increased stocks raised at the estimated amount of 5 billion dollars thanks to her. Even in the face of an economic crisis she managed to gain 100 million dollars.
However, due to a sudden turn of events she was forced to retire early. In return for her fast phase to richness and abundance her doctors sadly informed her of a serious disease that she has thus advising her leave her job.
Later she wrote the book entitled “Play Money”. This book became a diary of her victory with live trading craft left to guide and please the omnivorous technological monster of electronic commerce.

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Avatrade forex broker with free autotrading forex platform – increase forex profit

The first thing that comes to mind when you enter AVAFX is easy and friendly is your platform. This is evident through its website, where all necessary information for someone new to this company is accessible and clear, and even more so with Forex trading platform – Ava Trader, where all functions are only just a click away.

Avatrade autotrading mirror trading review
The registration process is easy and uncomplicated to the demo account and to the Real Money account. AVAFX allows retailers 21 days to prove his account $ 100,000 and practice with advanced trading tools with dozens of currency pairs and metals. Actual accounts can be funded through PayPal, WebMoney, or Western Union, while for the credit card financing is instantaneous and immediately and customers can access their account with full benefits in the investment of the currency.

Live Trading Accounts in Avatrade can be classified into a silver account with a minimum deposit of $ 100, gold with a minimum deposit of $ 1,000 and Platinum with a minimum deposit of $ 10,000. It also marks an account of Islam. Avatrade offers bonuses and special offers for new entrants, such as reducing the minimum deposit rates, special bonus payment methods specified, or cash added to your account on the first deposit.

The transactions are executed with a single click, while professional Ava is easy to use for graphics, updates instant ability to save multiple charts on separate sheets. Meanwhile, retailers can keep abreast with the updated calendar of Economic Analysis.

AVAFX use a Forex trading platform called Ava Trader downloadable offering users the chance of a quick forex investment. The practice or demo account has all the features available in vivo, and its investment platform is complete – with the same features you find in the AVA Live platform. AVAFX offers flow rates every second executable exchange rates at 24-hours a day, and a wide range of currency pairs, with no commissions or fees (this policy includes no deposit fees without negotiation costs without reinvestment costs, no margin fees, and, in general, without fees of any kind.

The platform basically appears as Ava Trader with its default settings mainly with 6 windows, 3 on the left side (which deals with rates, orders and open positions) and 3 on the right (instruments, account information and abstract). These windows are the main and Ava Trader has 15 sub-windows that can be customized in the main window, based on investor preference. Ava Trader also allows you to build their own work areas according to their convenience and needs, and then jump between them using tabs.

The Subcommittee of the window rates have currency pairs with encryption keys of selling and buying. Clicking on any of these buttons to any currency pair which means either buying or selling a currency pair that for the other. After you are prompted to enter your trading volume, lot, or the amount in quantity called Ava, predefine Stop Loss, Trailing Stop prejudging and Limit or Take Profit are also characteristics of this pop-up. All operations can be viewed on the orders of Sub window, while all open positions outl can be seen in the window just below the windows default orders.

Well, easy to use graphics tools are available in Ava FX. Click on a favorite pair is driven with options including “Open Letter” on click you can proceed with the partner of their choice and timing as well. The box opens with all the tools available there. Some characteristics Ava tools are trend lines, Fibonacci, etc. horizontal and vertical lines. I must pause here to say that Ava is not one of those crazy places where technical indicators look like a puzzle.

Avatrade is a site that has an Online Support Center which is a knowledge base of commonly asked questions related to Forex trading in general, trade with Ava and solve technical problems that may arise using their platforms.

Ava FX also offers 24-hour Multi-lingual support via chat or phone (with a U.S. toll free). The representatives are very responsible and informed, the award of support services Ava is 3 stars. Ava FX is a company that is registered in the BVI with the pending membership of the NFA. Ava is regulated to the highest EU standards by the Financial Regulator in Ireland.

It has the backing of a large financial conglomerate has more than $ 16 billion in assets. Ava is reinforced by the fact that it is audited by Ernst & Young, the fourth largest auditing firm in the world and by banks Commerz Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

I am convinced and have come to stay long-term impact.

For now I can suggest autotrading  (forex auto trade – automatic system – forex automated forex  system with signal providers) :

How to choose a forex broker

How to select the best Forex Broker
Because of huge competition amid Forex dealers and Forex brokers, they provide various advantages and features, selecting the broker aren’t a simple task for the new of professional traders.
They’re few key features like capitalization and regulation that speak for competence as well as reliability of organization and that may be measured some objective criteria.
However, the actual challenge in selecting the broker comes at what time you should decide what traits you’re searching for. Alongwith an excellent features, you must find potential weakness, relying on your requirement for the style of trading.

1. Is dealer or broker is regulated? If yes, what is the name of country where it is regulated?
In addition, it is as well very significant to know that if the dealer or broker regulated in off or on shore country, like the latter may be over liberal with the requirements of registration.
Devoted Regulatory agencies are included with following countries:
• Switzerland
• Australia
• Japan
• Eurozone
• United Kingdom
All kinds of traders require to be have knowledge about regulatory status of their dealer and broker as well as have transparent understanding of regulatory of regulatory body which governs the activity of forex where chosen dealer or broker does business.
2. How dependable is trading platform of broker?
Relying on the characteristics of individual’s software and hardware, one must prefer the applications of desktop or else the java application which is web based. Understanding that kind of platforms best suits you for trading.
This is as well very important to assure that platform of trading doesn’t freeze or crash often, particularly during the times of world economic events or news, at what time the traders requires stability. The dependability of platform must be more anxiety than its feel and look.
The aggressive trader, or else the one who akin to make frequent, make large trades, will forever must search for stable platform which never or else very hardly ever crashes. Conversely, conservative as well as passive traders who don’t look the market daily could be very flexible.
In the terms of trading, ease to use means that order placing or closing the trade may be finished immediately. Single-click trading as well as stop-loss management, limit and the other kinds are benefits that the trader wish to get into the account.
Additionally, it is also helpful for on the whole navigation of podium to be ease to use. If the platform provides extra tools and charts, they must be quite easy to apply and access.
This is very important point for the aggressive trader (scalp/intraday) whose reliance on trading platform which is far bigger than conservative or moderate trader.
3. Client support
The most important thing which you much check in the broker is support service. The forex is twenty-four hours market; therefore ideally, broker you select must provide the support every time. Is support is in your own language?
Which average is accustomed to contact help desk: chat, email or may you speak to live person on phone? Do representatives look well-informed? How they act in response to questions may be enter in scoring that how they’ll act in response to you requirements in actual situation.
Whereas trading may run into the technical problems. So, try to expect those serious situations as well as simulate those requests and questions to the broker. You may do this whereas experimenting on the demo account.
Website must already clearly explain the things, but make sure to efficiency and quality of support prior to opening account.

4. Capitalization
You already know that the best capitalized are the market maker, an additional credit relationships which they may established with liquidity providers as well as more competitive pricing which they may have for themselves and for their customers.
OTC market nature makes very difficult for the broker to have competitive pricing devoid of the margin deposited in a bank or lending institution. Consequently, it is very important for the individual traders to do wide due assiduousness on Fx broker with that they select to trade.
If broker-dealer says that they’re secure to work as they invest in interbank market, you be acquired with what it means. Now, the market of interbank is unregulated as well as conglomerate generally traded by the central banks, very large corporations and investment banks.
Being a member of regulatory authority, the broker should comply with minimum level of capitalization. Such fact has direct connection with its capability to remain solvent as well as is too indicative of company size. Minimum capitalization is required in US is at present (Jan 09) @ $1,000,000, as well as trend is for gradually increase $ 20,000,000 above the next months. If broker doesn’t publish such information, it is the sign of warning which can mean solvency lack.

5. Is the company a dealer or a dealer?
Understanding the broker’s nature versus dealer is forever a vital job, as there’re currently some various kinds of firms to use for above-the-counter fx trading.
Trading with broker.
The broker performs like a conduit amid clients as well as deal/market maker. This is acted by permitting the orders of clients processed by the computer systems devoid of manuthal intervention by trading desk. With the technology the broker forwards orders to a different party which to be implemented by dealing counter. The spreads which the client gets are reliance on market maker otherwise dealer that broker routes client’s transactions through, as well as either fixed or else dynamic system may be used. The brokers usually charges the fees for such services and/otherwise are compensated by market creator for transactions which they route to dealing desk of market maker.
Dealing with market creator AKA “Dealer”
Every market creator has dealing desk that’s the dealing method that the most financial institutions and banks use. The market creators give joint pricing for clients during the day. Sometimes such prices are quoted at fixed basis; it means they don’t move during the day, nevertheless the other companies’ employ the system of dynamic spread that means prices change like liquidity in some pairs change. Market creator interacts with the other banks for managing their worldwide forex risk/positions. Every market provides a little different price with particular pair of currency that based on world forex book, investments Banks, FCM’s, broker/dealer and Banks, and FCMs structure the maximum of such category. The market creators are compensated with their skill to manage worldwide forex risk. This can include spread the revenue, revenue on the swaps, netting revenue as well as conversations of remaining profit losses.
Model of ECN brokerage.
At present, there’s modified broker mode labeled “ECN’ in the OTC forex. This isn’t to be puzzled with ECN term which used in the equities; they’re various models altogether. In the OTC forex concept is very alike to the point b over, except for reality that ECN performs like a broker to the market variety of dealing desks of market makers. Every dealer sends price to ECN and an exacting amount of the volume that quote is very good as well as then ECN deals out that the price to client. The ECN isn’t responsible for implementation, just transmission of order to dealing counter from which price was gotten. In such system, the spreads are resolute by the variation between bets bid & the good offer at exacting point timely on ECN. In such model, ECN is remunerated by the costs charged to client plus “rebate” or “kick back” from dealing desk which based on volume amount or else flow of order that is provided from ECN.
It’s vital to observe that ECN typically shows volume for the trading of every bid as well as offer; therefore, trader knows that what maximum deal/trade may be placed. The volume of ECN is just reflection of which is obtainable on any body ECN, but not in overall market. Market creator yet sets its size that based on comfort with liquidity at some body point timely. The responsibility of market maker is to give liquidity under whole conditions to their clients.
6. Account Types
Several brokers provide two or else more accounts types. These may be so mini accounts as well as even the smaller standard accounts, or micro-accounts, relying on many traders. Many containing of 100,000 units known as mini lot; as well as many containing of 1,000 units that is known as micro lot. Few brokers even provide the fractional units volumes that permit you to set up your personal position volume.
The mini-accounts and micro-accounts permit you to deal with very less minimum of the capital, nevertheless standard accounts frequently need higher minimum basic capital, differing from broker-broker.
7. Policies of margin call and Leverage
Nevertheless, the traders must keep in mind that though the higher leverage may be lead to the huge profits, it as well increases the risk level. In addition, get into the account, there’re brokers who provide levels of fixed leverage, but few others regulate leverage which based on currency that’s being traded as well as can too have the particular policies for moving the trade more than weekend.
The traders must as well as get into the account their policy of margin call of the broker. Few firms follow FIFO method to end trades at what time the requirements of margin aren’t met by the existing equity, and the others follow LIFO procedure, as well as few just end the whole trades. Relying on the one’s preferences, it is the matter which must be obviously identified prior to creating the account.

8. Costs: Structure of Commission and Fee
Forex market, different other exchange ambitious markets, has sole feature which several market creators use to the attract traders to deal: they don’t charge regulatory fees or exchange fees, data fees as well as no commissions. We’ve already mentioned in previous chapter that such advantage must well understood, as at what time it receives evaluating costs, and it much relies on your numbers of trading like ratio, frequency and other statistics of performance.
On the whole, there’re three structures of commission used by the Forex brokers:
1. variable spread
2. fixed spread
3. charge of commission based on the percentage of spread
Just quick reminder: the spread, normally calculated in the pips, is a variation between buying & selling price.
As a result, which is best option?
On the other hand, you can think that fixed spread only the best choice, as then you know right what to wait for. Conversely, you can think that you’re having the best deal playing the variable other than smaller spread.
Initially, think that the good deal which you may have is selecting a famous broker who’s well capitalized as well, has powerful relationship with large banks of foreign exchange strong relationships with vast banks of foreign exchange and may provide liquidity that you require to trade fine. Secondly, you require calculating impact of probable structures of fee on trading replica to know that which is more suitable to you.
Few fx brokers do not charge the commission, therefore, the spread is that how they create the money. The less no. of pips needed each trade with broker is, larger hypothetical advantage that trader creates is. The evaluating pips spreads six brokers with divulge various costs of transaction.
In the broker case who provides the changeable spread, you may expect the spread that’ll, at ears, be as less as one pip or else as lofty as seven pips on most main pairs, relying on level of the market volatility. Nevertheless, the market makers offer joint pricing to clients, all over the day. Such prices may be citation on fixed basis; it means they don’t move all over the day. However, they may as well use the dynamic system of spread that means prices change like a liquidity in some pair change.
Lake of the liquidity in markets or so volatile conditions of market may force broker to pertain slippage on pricing. The slippage, as well known as “re-quote”, happens at what time your deal is implemented away from a cost you were provided, when you finished paying many pips than average spread. It is perhaps the cost which you do not wish to stand if you’re trading short-range or else if you deal the news.
Inquiring your broker that how they grip news times as well as if they’ve some advise to defend you from testing slippage is possibly the best idea. You may decide to trade with the fixed spreads, although they’re a bit higher in the average but get, in the exchange, an immediate plug of your trades at desired prices.
Few brokers even provide you the option of either variable one or fixed spread.
New brokers like ECN, can as well charge a little commission, normally in two-tenths order of 1 pip. So, you must pay a little commission relies on what as well broker is providing. Such as, the broker can go by your orders on to large market creators’ conglomerate. You must select the broker with this arrangement, and if you search for so tight spreads just larger investors may otherwise have.

9. Is broker offering some value-added services?
Simple access to actual-time charts, economic data and news is must for every trader. Nevertheless, a trader should consider of these as well as some other value-added services like part of the package of broker otherwise like a very vital feature on what to base the decision.
Here is the point to be noted that any nature of trader must correctly address to assure the company complies with initial standards of giving news, real-time as well as economic event.

Reference :
How to choose a Forex broker in 17 Practical Steps

How Can Your Forex Trading Plan Encourage You To Overtrade?

I have observed that a lot of people feel hesitated while trading. When I ask them why they show such behavior towards trading I get a simple answer from almost everyone that they earn great profit in the start and then they start returning all that. There are also many other reasons that I have heard from the audience. I have also seen people who start over trading while they are on the losing end to satisfy them that one trade will recover all the loss they have face. But normally it doesn’t happen. Over trading leads you to further losses and mess up more things for you which in the long run give you severe heartache. I personally don’t recommend over trading because of following factors I am going to discuss with you guys and I hope they will help you a lot in future regarding your forex trading.

Over trading sometime is present in your trading plans but you are not aware of all those things. I have heard from people who say that we are moving according to our trading plan but still are not getting the required output we analyzed according to that plan. I simply suggest them to have a review of their trading plans and see if there is any problem in their trading plan. I specifically suggest them to se weather their trading plan is free from over trading or not because if the plan you made is wrong then what would you earn by following such a useless path.

I suggest people to slow down the pace and look at the future. If you will start thinking in long term then you will find that your slow pace is beneficial rather than earning millions in a single night. Such profits that come with a really rapid pace also returns back with the same pace in forex trading business. Thus I recommend people to lower down their pace and avoid over trading if they really want to earn the profit with a persistency.

Second thing I recommend people is to target a weakly goal for their trading purposes. As I set fifty to hundred points weekly goal for my trading. This is a realistic approach I think and once I succeed in achieving this I never put this on risk by greed for more. As there is an old saying greed is a curse, so I never step towards over trading. Once I achieve the goal I would go for anything else except trading.

Third thing which I personally think is the key to any trading is to ask you a question.
First of all ask yourself do this trade really profit worthy or will just waste my money and time before stepping into any trade. When you will have this query in your mind you will observe various aspects of that trade. By doing so you would be able to analyze the actual situation of the trade. There are a lot of things that just seem really good and eye catching but in fact they are just a waste of time and energy. As there is an old saying all that glitters is not gold. So always see the actual facts of everything and then take any step.

Tip :
If you see that a lot of time you have negative trades, huge drawdown very often – make pivot points, see daily chart, and trade and follow trend.

Money Management in Forex – the most important thing in forex trading

Fix 2 rookie traders on the front of screen, offering the best probability set-up, and in large measure, each one has to take other side of bag. You can see that both the wind loses money. What are the difference and the important thing which separating seasoned trader’s fans? Money management is the answer for this.

How diet and says money management one which needs few practice in the real life. Also reason is very simple: how to eat healthy and to become fit, the money management may seem like burdensome or an activity which is not a pleasant one. It makes the traders to monitor regularly their positions and also to take the losses which many people do not want to do.
Note that the trader has to earn 100% of the capital less than 1% of retailers around the world – just to break the income statement at 50%. The 75% levy, the trader must quadruple their account only to restore it to original equity which is like Herculean task.

Big One
Even though many traders are having information in details with the figures are ignored. Books of trading are filled with stories of traders losing many years, earning a trade gone wrong. Like that the loss of Runaway is the result of sloppy money management, non-stop hard and a lot of needs on average low and high average shorts. Other than these, the loss of Runaway is simply due to the loss of discipline.
Many of the traders start trading on his career, consciously or unconsciously, to view “The Big One” – one of the trades, making them huge amount and to live the life freely. In FX, the fantasy is reinforced by folklore of the market. But the plain truth for most retailers is that, other than experiencing the “great victory”, most operators will only have a “great loss”, which they can knock out of the game.

Learning hard lessons
It is possible for the traders to avoid such fate by just controlling the risk of a stop loss. Never take a risk which is more than 1% of the share capital. It is a nice idea and trader can go wrong twenty times in the row, yet 80% of its capital on the left.
The fact is that only some traders are practicing with discipline using the methods. A trader of the expert says: “Pick a number, which does not fundamentally change your life if you get lost completely now, divide that number five, because the first attempts at negotiation are more likely to end up blowing out .. ” Again, this is very wise advice, and is worth considering the following to anyone trading FX.

Styles of managing money
There are generally two methods to practice money management success. With small stops a trader can try to reap the profits of a few large winning trades, or an operator can select to go for so much small squirrels like gains and take infrequent but large stops in hopes of many small profits outweigh the gains of losses. The one method generates much minor instances of pain, but it gives some great moments of ecstasy. Other than this, the second method, which many small tips of happiness but the experience of some very nasty psychological hits? With this wide strategy to stop, it is not uncommon to lose a week or a month worth of benefits in less subjects.
By far, your personality and the method selected by you depends on the personality, is part of the discovery process for each operator. An important advantage of the foreign exchange market is that it can fit both styles as well, with no additional cost to the retailer. Since FX is a market based on the spread, the transaction cost and size of the position is related to position of any economic agent.

Four methods of stops
When you are in a position to trade in serious approach to the money management and the capital is properly allocated to the account, we can see four different stops to be taken into account.
Equity Stop
Equity stop is simple one and trader will make risks at predetermined amount from your account in a single operation. A common measure of risk is 2% of the account on the same route. In a merchant trading account $ 10,000 hypothetical would risk $ 200, about 200 points in one mini lot of EUR / USD, just 20 points on a standard lot of 100,000 units. Strong criticism of the decision of equity is that it puts an arbitrary exit point on a position trader.
Chart Stop
It is possible to make many possible stops in technical analysis with the price action cards with the use of many technical indicator signals. The example of a decision chart is the swing high or low point.
Volatility Stop
More advanced version of the decision of the chart uses volatility other than the price action to set the risk parameters. Main idea is that in an environment of high volatility when prices traverse wide ranges, the trader must adapt to current conditions and allow room for the position more likely to avoid being arrested by the intra-market noise.
A simple way to calculate the volatility is by using Bollinger Bands, which use standard deviation to calculate the variance in the price. Note that the overall position of the exposure not to exceed two percent of account and it is essential that trader must use small lots to the properly size their overall risk in the industry.
Margin Stop
It is probably the most orthodox of all strategies for managing money, but can be effective method for FX, if used wisely. Unlike exchange-based markets, forex markets 24 hours a day. Here FX dealers can easily liquidate the customer positions as soon as you activate a margin call. This is the reason, FX customers having less danger of creating negative balance in the account, since computer closes all positions automatically. This strategy of money management requires the merchant to divide its capital into ten equal parts.
As you can see, the money management in the FX is very flexible and varies as per the market. The only universal rule is that all operators in this market must practice some form of success.
Regardless of how much influence a merchant accepts this analysis of his control speculative capital would prevent operators from blowing up in his account, only one trade and would allow him to take many swings are potentially benefit able set-up without health care or treatment setting manual stops.

USD/CAD Trading the Intraweek Range – now USD/CAD goes UP

If you draw out your diagrams a little bit, you may see that 1.0260 ranks have been the significant resistance rank and support for the previous two days. Obviously, it also facilitates that it is close to1.0250 psychological stage resistance, WATR and DATR!
If you don’t have an idea that what these couple of acronyms means, you ought to stop estimating and immediately look into my trading strategy’s entry as an alternative.

The fundamental area of trade system is that where my scheme gets iffy. Recently we have been trial talks of the clarification to the crisis of euro sector debt, although the majority of them expelled to be report. I am sure that Canada has now been regulating in assorted economic news this week, that the oil given a good increase from oil record report yesterday.

Forecast for USD CAD currency pair

When I determined to be enduring and hang around for my access to be hit, the USD/CAD takes me at the back! Therefore, instead of getting pleasure from more than two hundred pips in increases, I consume my power in the ice cream whereas commerce with regret. I estimate that it is right what they state; missing a good trade system may be as upsetting as losing single.
After I completed filling my countenance with all sweets then I might get the hands on. I determined that the time has come to visage music. With a pounding heart (may be from the high sugar) and a trembling hands, I just opened USD/CAD diagram to check that how I might have take part in the trade better.

Since I learned the one-hour diagram, I become aware that the couple has been producing lower lofty and I must have placed my entry object a little lower. Actually, had I penetrate exact at the peak WATR about 1.0230, now I shall have been enjoying a two hundred-pip increase and do the business. There was one more chance to jump in the fall while the pair ruined under symmetrical triangle.

The illusion theoretically propounds that intraday and intraweek FOREX currency quotation marks movement ruled by either development or by worsening of the country’s economic condition. However, actually, yet in case the real Forex reports is greater to the predictable one, so the FOREX quotation marks up and down movement is fifty fifty probability.

This declaration is methodically significant. Once the deal of the FT is betting on the FER (Forex Exchange Rate) differential (up and down movement of FOREX pairs) then the subsequent realized to gain faultless profit:
Factors imparting decline/growth to FR (up & down from the point X).

Therefore, having understood that the FR factors are useful at an extra-exchange FOREX bazaar and the specified currency purpose factors, the trader should possess different information to purchase or sell the specified cash pair.
Every global market devoted to share or distributes limited quantity of something… with those eager to get it especially. The market has an effect on it through way of searching out and identifying the accurate price.

Money Management steps in forex trading

Risk is such an intense word that it will be found in any type of investment. The real deal is to control your risk and get your reward. Doing this will keep you away from the margin call, and also it will help you in managing your account in the best possible way.

1. Restrict the risk: when you begin your trade, always make sure to place your stop loss as this will help you in getting out of your trade at the right time and hence the loss will be minimized. Although this reading material is available for the majority of traders but still some avoid placing the stop loss.
2. Calculate the money you are putting at risk: A majority of traders tends to estimate risk/reward ratio. Some traders choose the 2:1, whereas some prefer with 3:1. This looks good, but the question is that how many dollars you are sacrificing as a result of this? Almost every broker has this data available. Some mathematical methods are provided to calculate the amount of risk.
3. Grip your stop loss: Following this way, the minimum money will be put at risk. This may sound good to traders, but the reality is different. If you put your new stop loss too tight, chances are that you will lose all your money quickly. If you think of shrinking the amount of invested money than it doesn’t mean that it will also shrink the chances of lose. You should always place your stop loss after doing technical and fundamental analysis.
4. Decrease the position size: Setting a lower position size will help you to place a stop loss at the right time. Along with that, your risk percentage will be lower and the reward will be lower as well. This is usually tempted for the making the longer positions. However, remember one thing that this is not real money, and it is just recognized as leverage money. To get the full trade position, you have to decrease the position size.
5. Calculate the total percentage of account you are putting at risk: We have already discussed the amount of dollars you are putting at risk, but do you know about your burn rate? For example, there is $1000 in your trading account, and you set the risk to 20%. If your first trade appears as bad, you will directly lose $200. If this goes for the five trades in a row, you will be fully liquidated. If you have put your feet in the forex world, you are likely to lose a lot of money at the beginning. If you put your risk higher, you are likely to burn yourself very quickly. You must take time to learn from the mistakes.

Amount of Equity Lost Amount of Return Necessary to Restore to Original Equity Value 
       25% 33%
50% 100%
75% 400%
90% 1000%

Money management is the most important reason why more than 90% forex traders don’t earn money. remember this !!!

Top Reasons for the EUR/USD drop – why EUR will go down ?

The EUR/USD which was always regarded as one of the strongest pairs is on the downside. Initially, due to the non-farm mixed payrolls the pair was moving higher, but after a little while it started to slip. This move then paced up, and the EUR/USD lost the main support line. Following are the main reasons for the downfall of EUR/USD:

The report that shows the bright side of the Non-Farm Payroll: The report showed that the unemployment rate was decreased to 9%. On the other hand, the real unemployment of U-6 showed a decrease of 16.2%. In the month of August and September, the most important revisions in the figures were released. For the QE3, chances are very low.

Digestion of economic weakness of German: Over 4% of free-fell was ordered by the German factory as the rise was anticipated. PMI final service was revised on the lower side. This was a major drop for the German figure. Until the NFP, the digestion figures were pushed back.

Italy struggling at the G-20 summit: The only important news that came out from the G-20 summit was that Italy asked for the IMF to provide a mission, which put the Italy along with Portugal, and Ireland. This shows the importance of the situation. In the Italy, there is a political turmoil going on, and it is more dangerous than Greece.

We made sell order today : sell at 1.383 , stop loss 1.4 and profit 1.318.

Forex Trading is Stressful – how to control stress as forex trader ?

Currency Trading is Stressful?

Most of people are ofcourse excited to be trading in 24 hours market, that too going above and above with “big shots” and control the large amount of foreign currency. Other few people are just surprised of this possibility. They wish to experiment with foreign exchange trading, but image that they have about the the type A, caffeine charged, large amounts of data holding, and stressed traders cannot be adjusted for their personality or style of their life they needed. Is there a need for the life of a Forex trader to be fully filled with more stress?

How the stress develops

Let’s see what stress is. I had the opportunity to discuss various topics on psychological stress, but it would be useful for a trader who only needs to do trade forex without significantly elevating the quantity of stress in your life. So from where does the tension comes?

The answer here is uncertain. The life of a trader is full of uncertainties: Will I win or lose money in this business? Will I receive a margin call? How to report payroll on market? Questions (and uncertainty) are actually endless. Traders would choose a lifestyle with unique challenges that several other professionals just do not encounter every day. The uncertainty is just absorbed into each trading day and trade of all.

Methods to control the stress

Just before you begin thinking that stress is part of all operations that cannot be controlled, and certainly not eliminate, think it once more. There are various aspects of a profession that cannot control, like the way employment report which will definitely affect market or the increase or the decrease of interest rates. Anyway, we can join in excitement of the market, while controlling uncertainty and reducing the losses. Here are some ways to manage stress shopping.
The use of trading system

Stress will be reduced by using a system of exchange of good practice. Continued search is not needed for Holy Grail of stress reduction or to find the secret to stress free trade as modern day Ponce de Leon. The wisdom of free exchange of stress could be found in good system of trading.

Using the techniques of risk management.

• Always use stop loss orders. They allows you to have a nice sleep.

• Use limit orders to take profits. Remember that you will never lose your money when you make a profit. You will lose money when you just try to lock in profits or losses flow to allow losses.

• Do not allow fear or greed to control you.

• Use the margin in moderation. Remember, this can be a good tool to increase profits, but can also cause losses.
Less ways to minimize stress of the traders

These things seem irrelevant or indirectly related to the negotiation, but the experienced traders very well know that these are extremely useful and helps to keep shopping with worst of times.

• Understand the big picture.

No business exists alone. The intermarket approach noted that each business is a portion of larger picture. Each and every trade fit itself into the picture as a piece of puzzle. This shows that each business must have a fine reason or purpose for which the operator is completely ready. This transcends the business of money. It points to adoption of lifestyle trading is in line with personal values and goals.

• practice detachment.

If once the transaction is placed, then let it go. each and Every trader wll have a strong temptation to see how a trading is going. Detailed and real-time information available on Internet will allow to watch a trade as it moves up or down. try to Resist the urge. once you have a good system for trade with stop orders in position , there is nothing left to do for you on this business. regualrly watching every pulse with your finger on the button sales can be really stressful.

• Have panic button.

Each trader has his time of panic. When trade goes wrong way, traders usually wonder whether they would close trade (even if the trading system said to be hold). Market can be very volatile, and a set of triggers can result in a panic for the trader. When panic sets in, operator can simply press panic button. Panic button, in every effort helps to reduce tension and break the cycle of increasing anxiety by diverting the attention of traders in the immediate trade stressor. Take the exercise, take a walk or count to ten.

• Do not forget trading wisdom.

Wisdom Trading is a lesson to shop. Usage of positive language, learned to write something about this store. This technique makes the forex trader to feel better control and reduce the uncertainty in current and future acquisitions.

Forex trading is not required to be stressful. When simple guidelines can help to control primary cause of the trader stress: the uncertainty. Also it can help a trader to feel happier and less anxious Forex trading.

The Secrets of Famous Currency Traders – top forex traders tips

Trading in the currency is becoming a very common thing in the forex world. Millions of traders are trading in currencies but unfortunately few do it successfully. According to the statistics, the failure percentage is almost 95%. The reason behind such a high failure rate is that forex market is always changing. Those who are successful here have done a lot of hard work and didn’t just rely on luck or any other factor.
George Sores is a forex expert shares a successful trading story. He became successful when he shortened the British pound against one billion U.S. dollars within just a day. This success was largely due to his forex trading experience. He says,” it is not important that you are doing things right or wrong, what important is that how much money you are gaining when right and how much you are losing when wrong.” Hence, it is confirmed that in the forex world you need to do it right to earn.
If you want to be a successful trader, then you must handle the ever-changing and un-expected situation with confidence and flexibility. You must realize that forex trading is a never ending learning procedure, and you will only get expert once you spend time here.
The best place to learn about forex trading is through surfing the internet. You will find plenty of useful articles that will help you throughout this journey.
To be successful, you must use the trading tool in the right manner and given them respect. In the forex world, you must gather and analyze the latest technological information on the daily basis. Along with that, you can exchange the information with others to get more help.
Richard Denis is yet another successful trader tried carrying out an experiment to elaborate the deep potential of the forex market. He believes that traders are not born but made. To prove this, he made a set-up of people and gave them a training of two weeks. He also gave them a live account to get started. The group made a $100 in just four short years to prove him right.
To be a successful trader, you must have the analytical mindset and a disciplined approach to the trading. You must try to keep the things simple and straight forward. You must learn to bring calmness at the tough times plus you should know when is the right time to enter and exit from the market. You must use a working or sound method and combine it a disciplined mind and try to execute at the right time. If you can hang on to position despite the loss, then you can really become a successful trader in a very short time.