How to make profit using signal provders and Mirror Trading in forex market – try without money

Now we will try to earn virtual money in 30 days – using forex demo account. Steps are :

Step 1. :
Go to website zulutrade avafx and read this page.

Step 2 :
Open account at avafx – demo and real account.

Step 3 :
No go to Zulutrade and then go on this page :
Zulutrade Demo account .
Here you can create demo account and 30 days you can practice and use signal providers, zulutrade traders. Other forex experts trade for you – they make trades, make profit, lose or win. The top rated signal providers can bring you nice profit.
See top rated traders :

Our advice : Pick traders with winning rate greater than 70% and DDmax smaller then 30%.
Forex Cruise Control and HighProfitFactor brought a lot of pips in the past to a lot of followers traders.

Step 4 :
When you make profit in your demo zulutrade account, fund your real, live avafx account. Then open live account at Zulutrade and connect your Avafx live account with Zulutrade Live account :
How to connect your Zulutrade account with Live Forex account
zulutrade forex signal provider open account
1) Enter the password from your Avafx MT4 platform and the account will be connected to the ZuluTrade. Following account status will appear: Connected to Broker
2) in the next step you must set the size of the lot that you want to trade, the maximum number of open lots, and fixed or % altocation of lots to trade. Pay attention to these settings, especially lot size setting.
3) Click on the “Add a Signal Provider” select signal provider who you want to trade and click “Add to Portfolio”

Now each forex trade signal from Zulutrade will appear in your Avafx Live Real account. And you will gain real profit and real money.
zulutrade forex signal provider open account

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The Good News About Forex Automated Trading – see Automated Trading Trade History

Nowadays automated trading is extensively being used to help forex traders. Such trading systems observe various market factors and then determine the trading policies. As it is fully computerized system so it analyzes the right time of trading by analyzing various factors which normally proves very successful. As the computer based system can’t forget any factor so it proves very effective than the normal human based trading systems.
zulutrade forex signal provider open account

Such trading systems are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whole month and 365 days a year, so there is not a single chance to miss a single detail. Such things are not possible for human to monitor on such a large scale and make a right trading policy according to that. Further automated systems observe a huge variety of market. So now users feel free and easy to trade via this trading channel.

It is a natural thing that humans take some wrong steps when it comes to their emotions. Being a human I personally have taken wrong decisions in my life when I got emotional. Same is the case when people see that their trade is not giving them the profit they were expecting they get emotional and take wrong steps. One wrong step in trading business means a great loss. As computer based system make strategies on the basis of logistics observed by the system and there is no interference of emotions in their decisions and strategies, so the chances of loss are very rare, approximately negligible.

Automated trading systems are constantly monitoring a huge variety of market so they are able to consider every aspect of trading into their consideration. While an individual brain has knowledge of some specific markets and thus can consider only few factors. This lack of information can also lead humans to loss and they can make trading a losing business. As automated trading system considers a huge variety of aspects so the strategy of trading made by such a system is considered more effective.
Another positive thing is, automated system never over value anything nor do they neglect the importance of the right things. On the other hand humans do such things. This behavior can also make trading a non-profitable trade. Automated systems thus make the right trading policy according to the importance of each market and its value.

Another plus point automated system got is that they are not affective only for professionals but also for the beginners. In fact these systems are more effective for beginners in a sense that beginners learn a lot by trading through such channels. They are afraid of making mistakes so they get the support of such systems. In short automated systems have made trading really effective and a profitable job for every trader. These systems are quiet easy to use and are really effective. People are using these systems for all type of trading purpose nowadays and are earning great profit in their trading business.

For the end – see Zulutrade trade history :
Forex trading closed trades at Zulutrade
zulutrade forex signal provider open account

Use Zulutrade forex platform where traders trade for you – zulutrade mirror trading

Zulutrade is an important trading platform which is absolutely free and allows a trade to automatically trade all his money in the forex world. All this automatic trading is itself based on the signal provided by the third party. The advantage for the traders is that they are not bound to work with only one or two signal providers. They can choose any from hundreds in the list and can use them on the Zulutrade platform.
Forex expert top zulutrade - best and worst trade
In reality, Zulutrade is a fantastic and managed forex trading account apart from the investor who has sole rights on his account. It is completely a choice of investor to whom he wants to picks as the signal provider, and also he can choose his trading and lot sizes. After this step, all the remaining work will be carried out automatically on the platform without any errors.
Zulutrade offers a couple of account options for the investors. After registering through the platform, an investor can either go for the demo account or can choose live account. Demo account is a free account which new investors can use to polish their forex skills. It comes with demo currency that can be used in the trading. By using the demo account, an investor can judge the do and don’ts of the forex market. The demo account is loaded with a virtual balance of $50,000, which can be used easily. Once an investor get holds of all the basics, and he is confidence to move on, he can then choose to open a live account, and with that he can choose a relevant broker to start making money.
After choosing the live account, now is the time for the investor to choose a signal provider and determine a lot size to begin trading. After that, the zulutrade will quickly trade the entire signals provided by the investor in his live account. The investor can monitor the entire progress by logging through his account. All the information is regularly updated, and investor is made sure of error-free reports.
Zulutrade is very strict when it comes to monitoring the account as they make sure to keep a detailed check of each signal. The check includes: the total number of pips gained or lost, the overall amount of profit made, the ratio of winning, total duration of trading, and much more. To further facilitate the traders, zulutrade provides a detailed graphical analysis through which they can measure the efficiency and profitability of their account.
There are many things about Zulutrade that will attract the investors. One of them is the reliability of the platform that makes it easier for a casual or new trader to trader like experienced ones. He can easily get used to the platform within no time. With that, he can start making profits from the beginning which will save a lot of time for him. Additionally, this can also save him from getting panic. All of the trading mechanisms are made so simple that a trader doesn’t need to be a professional.

Using Zulutrade mirror trading platform you can connect your broker account (Avafx broker account, FXopen broker account, FXCM broker account, Alpari etc.)

How to use Zulutrade as forex trading tool and get profit forex signals from experts ?

Zulutrade deals with both networks of managed account and hybrid forex signals. Through Zulu trade, a trader can easily view the signals from the world’s best provider, and these are automatically traded in your personal account. All of this is provided without any cost. The main objective of Zulu trade is to shrink the gap between all the important information that are spreading in the money market and then this information is converted with the advice of the most expert traders. As a result, a win-win situation appears for the one who is seeking for it.

Zulu trade brings the profit in the form of rebates from the brokers who use their system and then this rebate is further shared with the signal providers. At the moment, AVAFX, iTradeFX, and are the sole brokers that users should have live accounts in order to use the trading platform of the Zulu trade. If you want to go with the easy way, then at first you should create an account with the AVAFX and then move to the Zulu trade.
Zulu trade has no connection with the signal providers mentioned above, so one can be easily associate himself with these providers. This way, you will have the option to choose from various service providers, and a detailed performance record of every provider is available. The end user has the option at his end to carry out a research a find the best possible provider for him based on their winning percentage. All the performance data is updated daily.
Registering yourself with a demo account on the Zulu trade is quite simple. However, one must have a live account which is being supported by the Zulu trade. Along with that, one must fill a form that needs to be faxed to the Zulu trade. Broker is responsible for withdrawal of profits, not Zulu trade. This is because Zulu trade just acts as a platform that connects the trading account of the end user with the Signal providers.
Overall look of their website is good with a professional touch. One can easily find the data of any signal provider from the hundreds and from that he can sort out providers based on the best pip count, and assuming best winning percentage. All the data from the signal providers is authentic and audited. Hence, there is no chance of any false report. Under “My Account” section of the end user profile, they can easily manage all of their selected signal providers along with the history of their trading.
After spending two weeks with Zulu trade, I would recommend this service to everyone who wants to enhance his profits through the forex, and that too by letting someone else managing your work. Each and everything is easily explained on the website. The support also gives a prompt reply to all the emails.
Along with the prompt email service, online chat is also available for the 24 hours, plus support can also be taken through the phone. Risk is involved in every business, so here risk can be that maybe if a signal provider is giving well results today, but you can’t guarantee for the same in the future. However, if more than 90% results are in the favor of signal provider for over 400 pips, then it can be said that this trend will likely carry on for the future. To minimize the risk, it is recommended to choose one or two service providers. I would recommend you to take a demo of the Zulu trade and see how it works for you.
I would like to give it 3.5 out of five stars.

We can suggest you to test this forex brokers and integrate Zulutrade account with them :
1) Avafx – great support and fast payments – Avafx Zulutrade
2) Alpari NZ has a lot of payment options (moneybookers, web money, credit cars, wire trasnsfer etc…)
2) has great platform.
3) FXCM the biggest forex broker
4) Fxopen

enjoy !

Zulutrade platform where experts with trade for you – earn money as forex trader and follow Zulutrade Signal provider

Last several months a lot of traders earn huge profit when they follow top 5 Zulutrade forex traders.

See this charts :

This is chart of top forex expert – Number one :
Zulutrade top forex broker

You can see every month forex expert gain profit.
See best and worst trade for this expert :
Forex expert top zulutrade - best and worst trade

Here is Zulutrade forex expert top performance 2 :
Zulutrade Signal provider performance
Zulutrade Signal provider performance Best and the worst trade

You can follow and earn money 24 hours per day.
Enjoy !

How to use forex mirror trading platform Zulutrade – earn money when you sleep

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!
When we read about business in our literature, the first and the most prominent thing that comes in our mind is competition. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible for a business to stay away from competition among their rivals. When you are in the competition, the top priority should be how to satisfy your customers as per their needs. Forex world also involves an intense competition among various stake holders. Forex business is largely dependent on the trading platforms; one of them is Zulu trade. It deals with the accounts of managed networks plus hybrid forex signals. Zulutrade is been in the forex world not for very long, but it has made its ground.
The free of charge services includes providing the trade signals between broker’s broker’s accounts, and traders account. With this feature, the information gap closes between different traders and brokers across the world. As a result, all the investments show the positive results for both the parties. The revenue generating mechanism of Zulu trade is quite simple yet affective. Brokers pay the rebate upon using their system, and this rebate is later shared with all the key providers. Now,, Avafx, and FXCM are the brokers whose users are allowed to access the services of Zulu trade.

To get started, I would recommend you to take the easiest path. The path starts this way that first you will have to create an account on Avafx platform and then move to the Zulu trade. This way, you will not be worried of how you will learn the things while shifting. Both the platforms operate in almost the same way. Zulu itself doesn’t show any affiliation with these signal providers, which makes it easier for a provider to become a single provider. This makes it easier for the traders to choose their providers because affiliation with Zulu trade means that a person is working with only one platform and will be able to provide more accurate results.
Registration with Zulu trade is quite simple and may only take just five minutes. However, the live account will take up to 24 hours to get started. All the withdrawals are carried out through the brokers rather than Zulu itself. The strongest point of this platform is their website, which is quite simple and very easy to navigate. The databases of providers are updated automatically, which means that you will be updated about your selected provider automatically.

The demo account allows you to get started with Zulu trade. Just within two weeks, a novice trader can learn many things that are needed to put his investments into the trading machine. This service is highly recommended for those traders who want to earn money on other people’s behalf. The Zulu trade platform is highly secure and there are very rare reports of spam.
The platform offers 24 hours live chat support. All the staff from the customer service department is highly cooperative, and it is very unlikely that your particular problem won’t get resolved. I would give it four out of five stars.

ZuluTrade Forex Signals iPad Application

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!
In this busy and fast moving world it is really difficult to make a check and balance of each and every thing because of lack of time. Not only the new comers even the professionals in forex marketing industry often miss fluctuations of forex market which leads them to great financial loss. To avoid such losses people are trying to made something time consuming and handy to observe these fluctuations. A lot of things came up as a solution for this serious issue. One of the most reliable and successful among all is ZuluTrade software application. This is a software based application of an iPad. In this application the fluctuations in forex market industry are shown in the form of graphs, bar charts and numerical values. These fluctuations are updated via internet. So even if a fluctuation occurs a minute ago then it will be updated on internet and you will be able to observe them whenever you want.
Now with the help of this iPad application your business became handy. You can check the latest fluctuations in the forex market while you are travelling in a car or sitting in a restaurant in five minutes. It is a time consuming application. You can use it with your iPad device which is portable any time and any where you want. You stay updated with your business fluctuations and can handle the business very easily.
Not only this you can also stay up to dated with the fluctuation data of more then thousand forex exchanges which can also help you to choose a best forex exchange for your business if it is on international level.
Diversifies your knowledge about various forex markets on international level which would help you to spread your business on a large scale and gain the maximum profit out of it by viewing the multiple forex fluctuations and observing other strategies to help in expanding your business.
You can also observe risk margin on a margin call-o-meter which is a part of this application. A margin call-o-meter tells you the extent of profit that can be made by the strategy you are using for your business.
All business need specific amount of information to be observed. Small business needs only little information while large business needs a greater amount of observations. You can also adjust the size of trade you want to observe according to your business needs.