Easy Forex Review

Review about Easy Forex

Easy forex was discovered in year 2003. It is the primary giver of the online trading services. It is housed in Cyprus with various headquarters there. The forex rooms for traders along with the support team offices are available in more than a hundred and sixty countries globally. Easy forex undertakes the place of a market maker, with the fluidity givers in Switzerland and at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The accounts

When you put up an account for the very first time, you can determine the kind of account that you want to have and that will be based according to the risk that you want to take. There is a standard account with a margin and that is for as small as $25. You can choose between the premium and the VIP accounts. The kind of account you will pick will regulate the spread that will be offered to the client. That may range from three pips for a normal account, 2.5 pips for a premium account and 1.8 pips for those holding the VIP accounts respectively.

Reading Easy forex review, I can see that the sample or the demo accounts will be available so you can trade even through a handheld device, through your personal computer or any other gadgets you may have at home. There are also personal trainers who can help you for free using a real account. Easy forex has lots to offer when it comes to trading and that will conform to the Islamic law. With the trading accounts based on the Islamic law, the traders can prolong the day trading until the next day comes. There will be no rolling fees that must be paid for. According to the maximum duration being offered for the day trading deals that will be limited to around 1 week, though it may also be shorter but that may even be longer depending on the pair traded currency.

The structures

The traders can actually pick more than a hundred and seventy five items from commodities, metals, currencies and many others through their handheld devices like cellular phones and tablets. Traders can actually benefit from the easy forex simulator without any strings attached or dangers at all for free. The trade simulator will enable every beginner in trading to unleash and explore some of the features of the platform. Doing this is just one way to hone your skills and check some of the techniques meant for traders.


The easy forex gives the traders with tools that can be of help to them. There are materials like videos for veteran traders and for newbies at the same time. They also have a free e-book that is downloadable and that includes simple information about trading as a whole and tips along with methods for easy and very successful trading. The forex webinars are easy to access through the internet anywhere you are. They offer traders with the chance to meet some of the team members who are more than willing to interact with them from various parts of the globe.


In terms of promos, there were some promos available like the 20% bonus for up to $2,000 that will be offered to traders who will deposit for the first time. They also have the win-win bonus wherein the trader must deposit any amount. If he/she earns a profit, the company will double the amount he/she won, however, in case of a loss, the broker must cover for the $200. The company will give you an option in terms of trading by offering $300 that is called a risk free account.