Forex Plus500 review

Plus500Forex Plus500 review
Plus500 is worldwide Forex trading service and assistance supplier. It is providing high quality trading services to all its customers around the world. It is helping the new customer with its good services and user-friendly software’s. It provides unique customer support services to solve all kinds of customer problems regarding its services.

PLus500 bonus :

Account opening process:
Plus500 is offering a very simple registration process to all new users. There is no hard and fast rule to open an account on it. You just need to fill a simple online form by entering your information and after confirmation your account it open. The company is also providing a demo account, where you can experience the Forex trading without any gain or loss. You can understand to the software by using the demo account before entering into the live trade market. It is offering small accounts with minimum deposit of hundred dollars. It also offers twenty dollars to the new user as bonus and thirty percent as a discount in the initial deposit. These promotions do not offer by any other company and these are the reason of large customer attraction. These promotions are also for a limited time so you should take advantage of these services by being registered.
Software plus500 trading:
Plus500 is providing very efficient user-friendly software as a trading plate form. You can download it from anywhere in the world. It is very easy to execute and use. This is compatible for all kinds of windows operating systems like xp, vista window 7 etc. It is dealing with both stocks and commodities. These services are very favorable for the user who wants to invest in both commodities and stock at the same time.
The main advantage of its software is then it is very simple and easy in other words it is user friendly. A new user can easily control it and learn it. Day to day updates of Forex trades provided to the user, which help the new, as well as the old user to understand the market trends. There are many analytical tools available. You can compare different stocks by using these tools.
There is a very easy way of transferring of money. You can use the same way to deposit and withdraw the money for it. You can use credit cards, online means, bank, or monetary transaction. There are no difficulties in fund transfers. You can easily deposit or withdraw money anytime from anywhere.
Customer support:
There is very low amount of customer complaints due to the excellent services. Whenever the customer has any difficulty there is customer support available twenty-seven hours a day. You can access to customer support by Email, phone or fax. There is no living chat facility, which is a disadvantage of it. Customers mostly like support by chatting. The reason behind not offering the customer is that there is very rare chance when a customer has any problem regarding its services. All other means of customer support are excellent and time saving.