How to start gold or forex investing using Avatrade forex broker ?

Avatrade review
Forex world is observing a massive expansion almost every day. A lot of new players are coming into this arena to try their luck and skills. The reason behind its popularity is that a lot of new working mechanisms are introduced to make sure trading remains easy and secure. The main purpose of bringing new techniques is to secure the trader from scams. Protecting a customer from scams is becoming a major challenge for forex-related companies as they can’t really tell from where the scam will come and who will be the victim. In most of the cases, the brokers are found to be guilty who lead people into the wrong direction.
One of the most important trading mechanisms is automated forex trading designed by Avafx Forex Company. The purpose of designing such application is to give their users a complete new and easy working environment with lots of new features. To get started you just have to create an account through registration, which is quite simple and can be done within 5 minutes. Through this application, a broker can track a handful of new customers to bring them into this arena.
Avafx forex firms have proven to be a user friendly platform which can be seen through their various offers. Avafx is giving a full free 30-day trial on this application to its customers. The purpose of giving this trial is that a person can get used to it. A month is enough to get to know all the important methodologies related to the forex. Distributers can also add their own portfolio so their customers can choose based on their own preferences.
All the forex business is carried out in currency pairs and Avafx automated trading allows you to use up 28 different currency combinations. You can easily compare the results of one currency pair with the rest which will give you a better idea of how things will go for you. You can enjoy a lot of benefits like profit factor. Signal draw up factor, payout percentage factor, and much more. You can decide your own signal factors with your preferred currency pairs. This will help you in determining the lot size. If you have made good combinations, you will automatically see the good results in front of you.

Trading account has a minimum balance limit which is just $1000 at the start. Through collecting the pips on your accounts, you can raise your commission, which will increase the maximum limit of your account. If you compare the results of this trading system with others, you will see a lot of benefits, which will stick your mind with Avafx.
If the amount in your trading account is more than $50,000, you will be qualified for the VIP membership. This will help you in gaining more profit through your pip size. Trading mechanism in the real and demo account is similar so you won’t have any problem while shifting your account.

Avatrade forex broker with free autotrading forex platform – increase forex profit

The first thing that comes to mind when you enter AVAFX is easy and friendly is your platform. This is evident through its website, where all necessary information for someone new to this company is accessible and clear, and even more so with Forex trading platform – Ava Trader, where all functions are only just a click away.

Avatrade autotrading mirror trading review
The registration process is easy and uncomplicated to the demo account and to the Real Money account. AVAFX allows retailers 21 days to prove his account $ 100,000 and practice with advanced trading tools with dozens of currency pairs and metals. Actual accounts can be funded through PayPal, WebMoney, or Western Union, while for the credit card financing is instantaneous and immediately and customers can access their account with full benefits in the investment of the currency.

Live Trading Accounts in Avatrade can be classified into a silver account with a minimum deposit of $ 100, gold with a minimum deposit of $ 1,000 and Platinum with a minimum deposit of $ 10,000. It also marks an account of Islam. Avatrade offers bonuses and special offers for new entrants, such as reducing the minimum deposit rates, special bonus payment methods specified, or cash added to your account on the first deposit.

The transactions are executed with a single click, while professional Ava is easy to use for graphics, updates instant ability to save multiple charts on separate sheets. Meanwhile, retailers can keep abreast with the updated calendar of Economic Analysis.

AVAFX use a Forex trading platform called Ava Trader downloadable offering users the chance of a quick forex investment. The practice or demo account has all the features available in vivo, and its investment platform is complete – with the same features you find in the AVA Live platform. AVAFX offers flow rates every second executable exchange rates at 24-hours a day, and a wide range of currency pairs, with no commissions or fees (this policy includes no deposit fees without negotiation costs without reinvestment costs, no margin fees, and, in general, without fees of any kind.

The platform basically appears as Ava Trader with its default settings mainly with 6 windows, 3 on the left side (which deals with rates, orders and open positions) and 3 on the right (instruments, account information and abstract). These windows are the main and Ava Trader has 15 sub-windows that can be customized in the main window, based on investor preference. Ava Trader also allows you to build their own work areas according to their convenience and needs, and then jump between them using tabs.

The Subcommittee of the window rates have currency pairs with encryption keys of selling and buying. Clicking on any of these buttons to any currency pair which means either buying or selling a currency pair that for the other. After you are prompted to enter your trading volume, lot, or the amount in quantity called Ava, predefine Stop Loss, Trailing Stop prejudging and Limit or Take Profit are also characteristics of this pop-up. All operations can be viewed on the orders of Sub window, while all open positions outl can be seen in the window just below the windows default orders.

Well, easy to use graphics tools are available in Ava FX. Click on a favorite pair is driven with options including “Open Letter” on click you can proceed with the partner of their choice and timing as well. The box opens with all the tools available there. Some characteristics Ava tools are trend lines, Fibonacci, etc. horizontal and vertical lines. I must pause here to say that Ava is not one of those crazy places where technical indicators look like a puzzle.

Avatrade is a site that has an Online Support Center which is a knowledge base of commonly asked questions related to Forex trading in general, trade with Ava and solve technical problems that may arise using their platforms.

Ava FX also offers 24-hour Multi-lingual support via chat or phone (with a U.S. toll free). The representatives are very responsible and informed, the award of support services Ava is 3 stars. Ava FX is a company that is registered in the BVI with the pending membership of the NFA. Ava is regulated to the highest EU standards by the Financial Regulator in Ireland.

It has the backing of a large financial conglomerate has more than $ 16 billion in assets. Ava is reinforced by the fact that it is audited by Ernst & Young, the fourth largest auditing firm in the world and by banks Commerz Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

I am convinced and have come to stay long-term impact.

For now I can suggest autotrading  (forex auto trade – automatic system – forex automated forex  system with signal providers) :

Avatrade Forex Broker – great bonus and MT4 platform

Avafx Review in Detail
Avafx is peerless of the flourishing foreign exchange agents within the marketplace now and a reasonable avafx evaluation will assist a lot of capitalists to decide as to carry on with the avafx or not. Commencing with information, avafx had existing in this business ever since the year 2006 and that they have instituted an enormous headquarter at the British Virgin Islands. The Avafx has got its workplace even at the Nicosia, Cyprus. When you look through any avafx evaluation places, you will discover that Avafx is owned by A+ financial organization that is handling over $17 billions of resources.
Since it was established, avafx is gaining clients from throughout the globe and now the customers base enhanced to above 50,000 investors giving operations to the tune of above $ 20 billions symbol monthly.

One among the most key is the adaptability of records that you can start with this enormous organization. There are 3 main kinds of records Platinum, gold, silver respectively. The best stage of dealing is the platinum one, with a minimal deposit of $10 thousand you would be able to do all kinds of investments and get client service of the maximum stage. Those who desire to begin with a less sum of money can begin with the silver or gold ones, where they can begin with only $100 for the silver one. All records are supported up with a highly effective client service workplace that talks poly–languages for the advantage of the clients.
Any serious buyer cannot ignore the reality that all the consumer’s funds are stored at CommerzBank of Frankfurt, Germany. Add-on to this, you could easily finance your account using your wire transfer or through your bank credit card, or even by your electronic pay methods such as using e- gold, webmoney, paypal, moneybookers or liberty reserve. The vast number of financing choices makes you capable to start your account in a mere 5 min and finance it immediately with the type you like.
It’s reasonable to stress that through this organization you can do stock dealing and different gold and silver trades also. This affords each of the buyer the independence to integrate and match amongst these various choices if you want to keep his selection strong.

Avatrade Mt4 Platform
The platform is highly effective and simple to employ. From the very beginning you would see that you could change the appearance of the program according the choices that you consider most. You could change the appearances as per your own necessities. In the similar period, the platform is very simple to employ and this assist the newbie investors to have their luck in this immense community but, the platform yet has many possible functions that experienced investors can perfect if you want to acquire a great deal out of their dealing procedure.
One of the essential functions that we should discuss in this avafx evaluation is that their website is extremely secured via 256 SSL encrypted sheild and daily McAfee verifying precisely to check that all the purchases are properly secured and all is done properly. Lastly, the bottom line of this evaluation is that you could work with this organization confidently.


Avatrade Automatic Forex Robot Trader

More about Avatrade Automatic Forex Robot Trader
Avatrade has Fx autotrading service known as Avafx auto trader an excellent platform which allows their Forex agent customers to select from many trading indicators suppliers and as well has people signs dealt immediately within their dwell investment account.

Avatrade review
It has a totally free 30-day free trial, good web-based platform with comprehensive symptoms performance, Avafx automatic trader is a wonderful agent-based organization to have a glance at while, evaluating the autotrading organizations. This services does appear highly desired for investors searching for to contribute autotrading with their Fx selection.
To begin with, Avafx auto trader platform is rather easy to get around and begin up the 30-day trial account. The demonstration allots the account of $100 thousand to business with. Also Avafx allows committing on 23 different types of currency sets. The effective web page is detailed to check and select from the 100’s of skillful investing signal companies: it’s possible to narrow the trade indicators, providers by net income($), max sketch down, income point, date begun, normal pip profits, successful percentage, and many more.

You can really determine your maximum variety of investments that you require to be clear for your personal dealing account, your entirely lot sizings for each signal providers, or the best possible put a block to failures for each business. Instantly you could resolve on equal to 10 an assortment of indication organizations, select sets and wonderful deal dimensions, and have platform overcome from there, instantly dealing your account with the best dealing indicators. Your computer isn’t able to require to be on for that indicators for being dealt as a constituent of your account as this organization makes usage of a distant host.

Right away, to go live that has live autotrading account, here comes few concepts. Your dealing account to a minimum of $1000 investment. Besides, Avafx charges 1 pip commissioning payment rate on each of the circular voyage business on high quality of their regular pass on to put into practice their autotrade process.

Is this not fair? Not much. On comparing the Avafax Auto merchant with the Zulutrader, the Avafx generally comes out excellent. Certainly, ZuluTrade doesn’t levy a commission, however evaluating the best sign organizations, Avafx seems to obtain one among the top conducting signals.

See Zulutrade Report :
Mirror trading trades - avafx and zulutrade

The Avafx’s performance assessment is unquestionably a lot more easier than ZuluTrade’s performance page: you’re able to immediately assess crucial committing process factors like risk change rate (RAR) and the gain factor that can’t even be determined on ZuluTrade.

Both similarly do produce most drawdown for each and every signal provider, that is on the listing of most significant. But on having a glance at the RAR, entire pips accumulated separated by max sketch down, the Avafx organizations have a significantly greater RAR in contrast to ZuluTrade symptoms organizations. Is it worthy per trade the one pip commission?

To start you need 2 links :
1) Open account to Zulutrade and pick avafx forex broker.
2) Open account at

Enjoy !

Avatrade Review – great bonus and support

Avatrade review
Avatrade is the one of the trusted online forex broker, which started in the year 2006, is getting good track record in a very brief period of time, and at present is one among the respected online brokerage. AVAFX seems to be the most nicest brokerage with a buying and selling program that is ideal for both fresh and experienced forex traders.

Signing up process is effortless and simple, for the Demonstration consideration and even for Real account. AVAFX allows professionals 21 days to give a trial to the 100,000$ practice consideration on their advanced buying and selling tools with lots of currency sets and Materials. In Real accounts it is possible to make funds with the use of Webmoney, Paypal or Western Union. Other than these if the trader wants fast funding for spot trading they can use credit card funding method which is fast. Protected by a well known financial institution that controls resources of more than $16 million, AVAFX have earned same older and confidence of people ever since its establishment. With an ever-increasing number of customers of nearly 50,000 people, their current function value outgrows the level of 20 million $ monthly.

Before this review you can read about forex trading, forex exchange, forex currency trading, forex gold trading etc. in our section Learn forex trading.

Avatrade Platform

The company offers the leading buying and selling program Meta trader 4 which offer usefulness buying and selling for manual trader and software user. In addition to this, it has unique buying and selling program called AvaTrader is outfitted with acceptable functions to aid your research and make positions with usefulness such as planning and fast one click obtain performance.

Automatic trader Platform of Avatrade (Avatrade Mirror trading)

The auto trader program features Forex professionals to the reflection buying and selling strategy, the latest method in buying and selling that allows professionals to ‘mirror’ techniques developed by the other skilled Forex professionals.

Avatrade Trading account types

One can start with the available 4 forms of balances from the AVAFX (ava fx offers all news from forex trading market) ,based on their input amounts.The balances range from Silver ($300 least deposit), Gold ($1000 least deposit), Platinum ($10,000 least deposit) and also platinum accounts.

Each of the forms of balances at Avatrade allows new traders to different forms of bonus deals including $75 currency trading advantage for a silver consideration to $1,200 currency trading advantage for a platinum consideration. Avatrade also provides Islamic currency trading accounts.

You can Trade gold (forex gold) at Avatrade gold :

Avatrade Withdrawal and Deposits

AVA Fx permit different forms of transaction solutions into their buying and selling program. The transaction methods provided by them are VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, Wire transfer, Neteller, Moneybookers and also webmoney.

Customer service of Avatrade

The 11 different language customer services offered by the AVAFX for their customers makes it more easy to use trading platform. Customer can contact them through phone, email or live chat. The client services are friendly, supportive and useful.

Reasons for trading with Avatrade

The adaptability of accounts which can be started out with AvaFx is one among the attractive functions of the company. Gold, platinum and silver are the three types of accounts that are made obtainable in AVAFX. Therefore, even the smaller or medium traders or marketers can very easily afford to start business here. The topmost level of account is the premium account. For this it needs a minimum of 10,000 $ to select all buying and selling. Also it is possible to trade on metals, forex, crude oil and stocks in the AvaFX trading platform.


Advantages and Disadvantages of AvaTrade Forex Broker

Forex broker Avatrade review
Avatrade is not one of the biggest forex brokers out there, but it is surely a very sound broker. Along with foreign-currency trading, the broker deals with CFD trade, which is a signal of more active and practical trading on his platform. This platform also provides basic trading tools, and some are even for the advanced traders. However, the broker doesn’t provide a full list of analytical tools.

Still, a majority of the traders will find everything that they are looking through this platform. It is very easy to get started as it takes a few minutes to make an account. A trader can easily manage his deposits on this platform.
Initial Investment- with just one hundred US $, a trader can open an account. This account is known as “silver” account. With this amount, you can practice all the live trading account techniques. If you are looking for higher investments, you can switch to the “gold” account whose minimum required deposit is $1,000. Another option is to go for the platinum account which requires around $10,000. The major difference between all these accounts is the amount of bonuses.
Deposits and withdrawals- One can easily open an account on this platform, and it is easily done through the internet. The platform offers a number of ways to withdraw and deposit funds. It includes bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal.
Stop Point- It seems like the broker doesn’t offer any stop point. However, you can contact the broker and request him to add a stop point and then set it for all the market conditions.

Interest- To learn about interest, you should contact the broker and ask him how he calculates the interest and under which condition.
Regulation- One down side of the broker is that it isn’t regulated. However, the broker claims that he is being monitored on the quarterly basis by a major financial institution of the Germany.
Advantages- This platform is really good for the newcomers. They can easily find a working partner in the form of a broker. The fact of the matter is that he allows opening an account in the easiest possible way, and that is with a very low initial deposit. Before moving to the live account, a trader can use a “demo account” for the practice purpose. He can test a variety of currency pairs in the demo account along with CFD. The cost of terms spread is relatively very low, and it is even lower than the competitors.
Disadvantages- Since the platform involves trading with a variety of analytical tools, every trader might not “click” with it. It is definitely not the very best of the trading platforms that are available in the market. Those who are experienced trader might want to shift their attention to other platforms where they are being offered with cheaper spreads, better tools and decision making, support while opening larger accounts, and better conditions. They are also looking for a better security and a platform that is being regulated.

AvaTrade New Account Deposit Bonus for forex traders – forex broker bonus

Avatrade has introduced a new and exciting bonus promotion for the trader who brings up to $12,000 of initial deposit. The offer is available for the limited time.
All you need to do is to register a free account and fund it to get free cash bonus. The amount of bonuses is, however, restricted to types of account.

Requirements of Bonus:
1. Bonus is applicable only for new traders.
2. To take out your free bonus, you have to carry out a minimum of 10,000 base mechanism volumes within 12 months. To receive a bonus, more than 50% of the volume has to be traded within first 6 months.
3. The bonus will be canceled if you failed to generate the required level of volume.
4. Bonus will only be given upon receiving documented proof.
5. Following are the countries eligible for bonus if deposits were made from wire transfer: China, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Egypt.
6. The deposit level required to receive a bonus must be in the base currency of Ava FX.
Don’t miss out this exclusive opportunity as the bonus is just limited for a short period of time. Hence, hurry up before the time runs out.

Get free avatrade bonus !!!!

Avatrade forex bonus

AvaTrader Forex platform Review – Avatrade forex broker

Avatrader review
The Ava Trader forex trading platform presents both simplicity as well as advanced trading details – luring both the professional and notice forex trader similarly. Definitely, prior to start to use any kind of trading platform, all traders must review the product carefully– and AvaTrader is a great with no exception.

How Ava Trader works?
Avatrader possesses many positive characteristics for both new as well as advanced traders. You might desire to review Ava Trader by yourself. Along with the minimum deposit of only $120 as well as minimum transaction size that is $4,000 – traders can begin with comparatively little capital risk. Ava Trader permits deposits in various currencies. Additionally, AvaTrader also permits you the chance to trade utilizing all major currencies and opening up many doors to an extensive variety of various currency trades.
By using lots of methods, traders can simply make a deposit into their AvaTrader account. The Ava Trader account funding options contain wire transfer, Moneybookers, PayPal and Neteller. By using the credit card, you can also make a deposit into your Ava Trader account. In order to add yet more ease to this forex trading platform, whatever kind of currency you select during the process of your registration will be the primary currency of your AvaTrader account. By this way, all losses as well as your profits will be easily calculated by using that specific currency. Hence, AvaTrader forex trading platform presents its trader’s quick access to their money in order to obtain trades in the place immediately.
Always consider about the AvaTrader forex trading platform.

This is a well-known truth that your selection of a trading platform normally can turn out to be the very important decision concerning your trading practice. While working in this quick paced forex market, you require strength coupled along with simplicity as well as accessibility. Ava Trader meets all these top necessities – along with lots of others. Ava Trader proves to be the best choice for those traders who are very much interested in trading this forex market – either they have just started out, or they are an advanced trader.
Ava Trader is a scam, isn’t it?
No matter how good any product works, there still are some negative reviews of the pessimist regarding the product. These pessimists might don’t like the features – plus even the advantages – for just one reason. However, Ava Trader forex trading platform is far away from being the scam. Along with the numerous claims concerning the simplicity of its use – as well as the way this assists both beginners and the advanced traders equally in getting potential profits – this is unbelievable that this Ava Trader forex trading platform usually comes anywhere very near to be a scam.
Ava Trader forex trading platform can help.
Even though, normal trading hours of Ava Trader are from Sunday to Friday between the hours 6:00 to 21:00 GMT, traders utilizing this forex trading platform have easily access to client service representatives 24/7. While working along with the AvaTrader forex trading platform, one can take advantage of many educational tutorials as well.

Top 12 forex trading tools at Avatrade forex broker – earn money as forex trader

Avatrade forex broker review
Avatrade is a very solid trading program available nowadays. In addition to foreign exchange, the broker offers CFD trading on all platforms that tends to make that trade is much more manageable. Other than this you can see many simple trading tools are obtained, few of them are advanced than others, but could be little more.

The broker never offers the full range of analysis tools available in the market and stand out with many improvements. However, many traders are finding what they seek in this corridor. It is very easy to open a trading account. Also you can produce deposits in a selection of approaches and allows for maximum flexibility. The minimum investment capital, making the first is always healthy. Is always propagated along the corridor are typical of the market.

The initial investment
- There is not any mini account. You can open a fresh account with a minimum deposit of 100 $ (recognized as the account “silver”), and the mere fact that the leverage is needed is not large, you can “practice” trading “live” the relative peace of mind. Accounts brokers are offering the greatest investment needs (at least $ 1,000 and income ‘Gold’, $ 10,000 accounts ‘Platinum’ investment decisions and the first is a profit of $ 50,000 for you, “Ava Premium” status). Variations between the accounts reflect the bonuses you get.
Deposits and withdrawals from the account – the account opening is not complex and is online. You have different types of methods to make deposit and to withdraw money. They are credit cards, bank transfers and online payment methods like PayPal.
Stop Point – Here it seems that the broker will not guarantee a breakpoint. However, it is useful to check with the dealer representative if there is any possibility to add a breakpoint for the contract and to set the breakpoint for any market conditions.

Interest - You have to make a check with the dealer if interest charges, and also the conditions such as current operations, perhaps, or rather the balance of your account.
Regulation – If broker is not regulated, but it claims is monitored through quarterly reports, as bank Cheuvreux in Frankfurt. It is the one of the biggest financial institutions situated in Germany.
Trading Tools:
1. Professional and Technical support – 24 hours in a day.
2. There is no professional, literature articles and other online tools.
3. Related trading courses are available online.
4. Review market research and opinion and market research are available.
5. There is no trade alerts.
6. Traders help guide – broker offers a wide range of business and administration guides.
7. Types of foreign currency pairs available – about 40 currency pairs and over 20 commodities, indices and other (CFD)
8. It gives 12 different language supports.
9. Trading room on-line – none.
10. The coaching staff is not available.
11. Trade is possible via mobile
12. Download trading platform – yes.
Friendliness trading program is always half in terms of comfort and professionalism. But it is not suitable for all types of traders.
Benefits – novice operator can be found in the corridor of a strong partner to work. The fact that you can open an account (for its easy, online, fast and flexible enough deposits) with a low initial deposit, with its high level of leverage does not allow, is an advantage for the entrant. You can practice trading with a “Demo” and also has trade in a wide range of currency pairs and other options like CFD.
Cons - not every trader “click” with the broker, especially when working with methods that require sophisticated analytical tools suppose you prefer high leverage, or work in places where it is necessary to take decisions and transactions on the spur. The exchange program is not the best on market. Experienced traders can easily find themselves prefer competition to provide cheaper spreads and also decision-making tools. Even those who seek security as provided by the regulation better than the dealer as a mediator.
Note: Just like many types of businesses and commercial enterprises, from time to time agents can also change their bids, the terms and conditions and bonuses they offer to their customers.


Ava Metatrader 4 Trading Platform

Avatrade Metatrader 4 review
Ava Metatrader 4 is a trader’s workplace that is perfectly equipped with latest tools that allow the trader to operate various financial programs. The platform is based on most popular trading techniques that provide useful resources to analyze the dynamics of the market, use and create automated programs, and use expert’s advices.

Ava Metatrader 4 is an online server based platform that takes the trading to a whole new level and brings new possibilities of profit. Ava Metatrader 4 is a powerful and easy to learn language supported platform. The language is MQL. With the help of this language, a trader can create indicators, trade strategies, trading scripts, and trading system. Professional advisors can make use of this situation to analyze market, put pending orders, take decisions, and open decisions without interference of trader.
Ava Metatrader 4-Overview
1. Overview of the platform: The interface of Ava Metatrader 4 includes: customizable toolbar, main menu, and market watch.
2. Execution of Trade: Account information and open position window include: pending order along with all open information. Equity, balance, and free margin level are also included.
3. Market Watch: In this feature, quotes are included from all instruments, and it is based on high/low of the time. You can add symbols upon right click, open new order, and open charts per symbol.
4. Account History: In the account history tab, you can track down all the closed positions. Both pending and market orders can be tracked from here. Take profit and stop loss can also be placed from here.
5. Placement of new order: In the Ava Metatrader 4 platforms, only one window is used to place all kinds of orders. Both pending and market orders can be placed from this window.
6. Popup windows with price: This window is identical to the “market watch.” The information on this window can be customized.
7. Charts with the Analytical tools: Analytical tools are significant and useful for the trading. It helps in analyzing cycles, trends, patterns and other trading shapes.
8. Chart Setup: Charts can be customized on Ava Metatrader 4. This is really significant as traders usually work in terminals. Templates can be used for a quick turnaround.
9. Trade Alerts: You will get alerts if there is an important news or event. By modifying the alert tools, other financial instruments can be used as well. Alert takes place as soon as the news is being made live.