Buy the Dip and Sell the Rally rule in forex trading

The idea of purchase the dip may be an excellent in use while we are identifying the pair that is an uptrend. As per this idea, the pair keeps on moving higher, always there would be retracements/dips/pullbacks that happen. When those occur, the trader presented with a chance to go through the trade (purchase on the dip) on the way of a trend on a more positive price. When purchasing on dips, the end may placed under the lowest wick or candle that happened during the dip or retracement.

When corporate insiders, institutional investors, professional investors, and hedge finances become worried that marketplace has now become over-valued or overbought and it is due for the modification they like to vend early, be assuring that they would be vending into still increasing prices. Actually, as their vending developments, usually the mechanism grounds the marketplace for rapidly runs out the steam and decline even though the others are purchasing yet.
The pattern looks factual this time about, as proved by the top rank of insider vending in the 1st qtr, and the current SEC filings by Georgs Soros, Warren Buffett and some other huge investors who should report modifications in holdings, and showing that they vend the huge stock total from their collections in the 1st quarter.
In the meantime, public investors still if conscious of overbought situations and expecting a modification, like to keep on hold to effort to obtain every upside position. By definition, it means that, holding on this until a market has verified it in a modification.

Apparently, the income is an equal if one vends early on and market increases another five percent, or if the one waits till it is low five percent before selling. In both scenarios, the market would be at same level.
Huge Professional investors, hedge funds and institutional investors are deal in large total of stock; this all cannot be vend at once, requiring era to move. This would be the big hazard for them for stay until the modification has started before opening to sell.
This problem is not for the individual investors. They may immediately make the change with a phone call or with a click of mouse button. Therefore, theoretically, they may wait until last minute.
Another advantage of vending into power is that the one often obtains a better cost than expected, whereas trying to vend into serious turn down often consequences in vending at a very lower cost than expected, while point out by the one thousand point couple of weeks ago.

Would the rally present second chance to vend into its power before downside resumes? On the other hand, it would be purchasing opportunity in expectation of another prop in bull market, while occurred after the ten percent January and February modification past this year.

The declaration of the trillion-dollar IMF/EU European debt saving plan taken just only extremely short relief, and after that the international markets nose-dived once more.

This rule Buy the Dip and Sell the Rally rule in forex trading I use only when I make trades using daily chart.
For example :
Today I made order :
Sell EUR/USD on 1.383, stop loss 1.4, profit 1.318.

My profit can be 650 pips or my loss can be 170 pips. I made decision based on pivot points, weekly chart and daily chart and I use analysis Top Reasons for the EUR/USD drop – why EUR will go down ?.