Avatrade offers Trade Leaders Investment Program – earn money as investor

Trade Leaders Program in General
Avatrade /a> as well as Currensee together has come up to introduce exclusive Trade Leaders Investment Program. This program will aid you to leverage your experience and knowledge of the top traders of currency called Trade Leaders. You need to first decide on which traders you have to deal with and add these business people to the personal automated portfolio. When this Trade Leader comes for trading, then the business will mechanically execute on to your account of trading. In fact it’s all very simple and easy. You will possess full command over the allocation and investment every time and then the top priority will be given for your successful investment.

Trade Leaders
In fact, these Trade Leaders are chosen from thousands of the fellow members of the social network of Currensee Forex trading. The trade leaders are usually observed carefully for their best performance by screening their previous activities, returns and risk management.

You can decide your trade leaders so as to invest money and then add to your list based on the following metrics.
• Average Risk
• Proprietary Trader Authority Index (TAI)
• Performance Score
• Annualized Return %
Once the trading of the Trade leaders is started, and then automatically this is added to your account and later you will own total control over the allocation and investment at all periods. What’s important for us is your success.
Why investment?
The Trade Leaders Investment Program merges all the finer accepts of Forex trading along with the profitability, transparency and control that results from the investment of top currency business people in Currensee.

How It Functions?
1. Start with a new US dolor account as Avatrade MT4. Simply you need to just fill the form or follow the link mentioned here to open a fresh AvaFX account in Trade Leaders Investment Program.
2. Now choose your favorite Trade Leaders & construct a portfolio. Usually Trade Leaders are chosen from the most consistent and firm Forex traders among the thousand followers of the Currensee social network. Here each trade leader’s history of their real performances will be assessed. You can pick ones that meet your aims of investment and put them in your account of trading portfolio.
3. Then you have to move on for allocating funds. Assign your funds to every Trade Leader on the basis of your investing goals. You have the permission to see every trade that is made and change your share of funds any time. This clearly makes it clear you have the ultimate control of your funds.
4. One could measure the performance and its progress in actual time and then closely monitor closed and open P&L by the Trade Leader. If you feel to change your portfolio or stop accompanying Trade Leader, you can then do it, as it’s already mentioned here that your investments are on your control.