Avatrade forex broker with free autotrading forex platform – increase forex profit

The first thing that comes to mind when you enter AVAFX is easy and friendly is your platform. This is evident through its website, where all necessary information for someone new to this company is accessible and clear, and even more so with Forex trading platform – Ava Trader, where all functions are only just a click away.

Avatrade autotrading mirror trading review
The registration process is easy and uncomplicated to the demo account and to the Real Money account. AVAFX allows retailers 21 days to prove his account $ 100,000 and practice with advanced trading tools with dozens of currency pairs and metals. Actual accounts can be funded through PayPal, WebMoney, or Western Union, while for the credit card financing is instantaneous and immediately and customers can access their account with full benefits in the investment of the currency.

Live Trading Accounts in Avatrade can be classified into a silver account with a minimum deposit of $ 100, gold with a minimum deposit of $ 1,000 and Platinum with a minimum deposit of $ 10,000. It also marks an account of Islam. Avatrade offers bonuses and special offers for new entrants, such as reducing the minimum deposit rates, special bonus payment methods specified, or cash added to your account on the first deposit.

The transactions are executed with a single click, while professional Ava is easy to use for graphics, updates instant ability to save multiple charts on separate sheets. Meanwhile, retailers can keep abreast with the updated calendar of Economic Analysis.

AVAFX use a Forex trading platform called Ava Trader downloadable offering users the chance of a quick forex investment. The practice or demo account has all the features available in vivo, and its investment platform is complete – with the same features you find in the AVA Live platform. AVAFX offers flow rates every second executable exchange rates at 24-hours a day, and a wide range of currency pairs, with no commissions or fees (this policy includes no deposit fees without negotiation costs without reinvestment costs, no margin fees, and, in general, without fees of any kind.

The platform basically appears as Ava Trader with its default settings mainly with 6 windows, 3 on the left side (which deals with rates, orders and open positions) and 3 on the right (instruments, account information and abstract). These windows are the main and Ava Trader has 15 sub-windows that can be customized in the main window, based on investor preference. Ava Trader also allows you to build their own work areas according to their convenience and needs, and then jump between them using tabs.

The Subcommittee of the window rates have currency pairs with encryption keys of selling and buying. Clicking on any of these buttons to any currency pair which means either buying or selling a currency pair that for the other. After you are prompted to enter your trading volume, lot, or the amount in quantity called Ava, predefine Stop Loss, Trailing Stop prejudging and Limit or Take Profit are also characteristics of this pop-up. All operations can be viewed on the orders of Sub window, while all open positions outl can be seen in the window just below the windows default orders.

Well, easy to use graphics tools are available in Ava FX. Click on a favorite pair is driven with options including “Open Letter” on click you can proceed with the partner of their choice and timing as well. The box opens with all the tools available there. Some characteristics Ava tools are trend lines, Fibonacci, etc. horizontal and vertical lines. I must pause here to say that Ava is not one of those crazy places where technical indicators look like a puzzle.

Avatrade is a site that has an Online Support Center which is a knowledge base of commonly asked questions related to Forex trading in general, trade with Ava and solve technical problems that may arise using their platforms.

Ava FX also offers 24-hour Multi-lingual support via chat or phone (with a U.S. toll free). The representatives are very responsible and informed, the award of support services Ava is 3 stars. Ava FX is a company that is registered in the BVI with the pending membership of the NFA. Ava is regulated to the highest EU standards by the Financial Regulator in Ireland.

It has the backing of a large financial conglomerate has more than $ 16 billion in assets. Ava is reinforced by the fact that it is audited by Ernst & Young, the fourth largest auditing firm in the world and by banks Commerz Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

I am convinced and have come to stay long-term impact.

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