Avatrade Dealing Small Business – diversity of trading options for forex traders

Avatrade was a project of group of people who were well known for their financial expertise. In year 2006 they gave this project a shape of a forex market broker company. Now Avafx has captured more than 50,000 customers. Nowadays Avafx has become an international level broker company and its fame is increasing day by day in the forex market. Avafx was designed by keeping in mind both beginner and expertise level customers. Currently 20 million $ trading is done on daily basis through Avatrade.

Avatrade facilitates its users with three different type of accounts based on the size of investment. Those three different types of accounts are silver accounts (minimum requirement – 100 $), gold account (minimum requirement – 1000 $) and platinum account (minimum requirement – 10000 S).

Avatrade also facilitates its customers with account opening bonuses for silver account holder to promote them to attain a great position in forex market business. The bonus offered by Avafx to it silver account holders is 150 $. This thing grabs the confidence of the customers towards Avafx. Apart from that for beginners they also offer a demo account facility to test their trading methods. If a customer really likes their trading method then he/she is welcomed to join a regular account and earn a great profit out of their investments.

Avatrade provides their customers a wide diversity of trading options. They allow their customers to trade in Dax 30, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and also the trading commodities. The trading instruments that Avatrade is providing to its customers are not even offered by the top ranking trading brokers. Avafx do not charge any commission if you trade through them and the spreads offered by them are also the lowest of all in the whole forex trading market. They occupy the leverages of 200:1 for each trade. You can deposit your money via various channels which include PayPal, credit cards and also the wireless deposits.
Avafx is the most reliable forex trading broker in the whole world. It is audited on quarterly basis by Ernst&Youngs. All Avafx earnings are deposited in Commerz bank. Withdrawal process is also very easy and there are also various forms of withdrawal. You can do so in the form of E-gold, E-currency with the help of standard check payment or wire payment.
Avafx also facilitates its users with a very informative application of Daily forex. This application can run on your iphones and ipads. This application is designed to update the users with the current fluctuations in the forex market, various fluctuating trends in currency rates and also the information about inflation and deflation. Now it became really easy for a user to stay updated with the fluctuation trends of the forex market while sitting at home or while enjoying coffee at a restaurant. For forex market trader these fluctuations are necessary to be monitored time to time which have now became really easy and hand with the help of this application. Thanks to Avafx that trading has became so simple.