Avatrade Auto Trader – avafx forex broker mirror trading platform review

Avatrade auto trader review
Forex world is loaded with various platforms that are designed to enhance user experience. At the start, it is almost impossible that a trader can do everything on his own. He has to take assistance from a platform to get started. Although there are many famous trading platforms, one of them is the Avafx auto trader. The best thing about this platform is that it is designed purely according to the user preferences. Hence, it is quite simple to navigate throughout the whole platform. There are lots of expert people around ready to help you out in the time of danger.

There are lots of ways through which you can get started on this platform; one of them is the use of demo account. Demo account is a specialized form of account that is designed so that a new user can get to know how things work here. To trade, your demo account will be loaded with over $100,000. Next the important thing about the platform is its variety of currency pairs. Up to the latest report, Avafx auto trader platform allows you to trade with over 23 currency pairs. The filtration method for signal providers is quite compatible too.
The Avafx auto trading platform allows you to do a lot of customizations within your account. They have given you the right to decide the maximum number of trades through your account. Furthermore, the maximum stop loss which you will get per trade size. The remote server updates all the details automatically, so you won’t have to do automatically. The whole process is highly secure and can only work on your instructions.
If you want to switch from the demo account to the live account, you will have to remember a few things. The minimum you can invest is $1000 from your account. Total of 1pip commission will be charged by the Avafx on your every round trip. This may sound weird to some readers, but actually this is still better as compare to other similar platforms like Zulu.
A lot of people compare Avafx with Zulu, but overall the performance of Avafx is lot superior to the rival. Perhaps the best talking point is that through Avafx, you can easily calculate risk adjustment rate along with the complete profit rate. The rival doesn’t provide any such features. Another noticeable advantage that Avafx is offering that if a trader has more than $50,000 in his account, he can qualify for the VIP membership which means that he will he will get a commission of one pip every time.
The only downside of the Avatrade is their customer support, which is not very helpful. However, the live chat system somehow covers the weakness of the support centre. The forum system also helps the traders in carrying out their problems. In the end, I would like to give around 4.5 out of five stars to the Avafx auto trader. They have got almost everything that a trader requires.