Avafx Forex Mirror Trader overview

Mirror Trader would help you to:

Use the knowledge and techniques of experienced business men.
Manageable Signals in the real time trading.
Verify decisions after comparing and analyzing other trading strategies.
Exclusive: detail analysis of live strategies and signals.
Live charts of all currency pair’s available, rates, oscillators, indicators
How to back up the decisions on trading with market trends from users and strategies.
Use the techniques of Auto Mirroring, manual trading and Semi Mirroring all in a single platform of trading.

What’s New?
Here is a new gift, Semi Mirroring.
Watch real time signals and choose which one u needs to mirror.
Live charts, oscillators and indicators
Summary of the performances of every signal
Semi Mirroring
Semi Mirroring is like a unique and new way for business people to utilize the experiences of traders who are seasoned. They just look on to the moves and then sell the signals in real time. Here the traders could choose exactly which business they like to mirror and just carry to in their account.
By using Semi Mirroring system, the investor takes total control over trading execution.
Mirror Trader shows every details regarding the activities of users as well as strategies of them including those stats which will aid the trade with all knowledge requires in order to make the whole trade.
In using semi mirroring option on the Mirror Trader, the investors could keep ultimate control over their account, along with which they can use the massive database of nearly 1500 strategies.

Semi mirroring benefits :

Streamed signals in real time
Knowledge of Strategies
Choice of signals to mirror
Strategy and trader market trends
Strategy performance summary per signal