Automated Trading using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

The Automated trading we can say as new but effective for traders. It is the idea in the transfer of account management for computer program. MetaTrader 4, the market is left to such programs. Or completely market traders MetaTrader 4 releases routine looks and performance of business operations.

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal provided MetaQuotes Language 4 integrated development environment (IDE MQL4). This environment is having components which are mentioned below:
1. MetaTrader 4 – the module in which automated trading programs are executed and managed.
2. MetaQuotes Language 4 – Programming language to implement trading strategies.
3. MetaEditor – The Editor and also compiler of the expert advisors.
4. Strategy Tester – Module to make test and also optimize the Expert Advisors.

Using these tools, it is easy to create own expert advisors or use the development of other programs. All consultants are written in the MQL4 in MetaEditor. If Expert Advisor has been compiled, which appears in the client terminal where you can try in strategy tester or run away.
MQL4 is a language similar to C, which is the language faster and functionally valid all over the world. Its flexibility allows for a careful review of all parameters of Expert Advisors. Thus, developers can automate virtually any trading method. What is its speed characteristics of the MQL4 exceeds all languages, specializing in trading strategies, and is second only to high-level languages like Java and C + +. Combination of extensive functionality and better performance made MQL4 initial choice for most companies.
Development environment is primarily designed to make Expert Advisors. Such programs allow full automation of the process of analysis and negotiation.
In addition to expert advisers can use to make custom indicators and also scripts MQL4. Custom indicators are similar comprehensive and integrated technical indicators. It is essential to analyze the dynamics of prices of financial instruments and fair warnings.
Scripts are in general mini-applications that automate repetitive actions less often.
Auto Trading using MetaTrader 4 can offer much more. Entire infrastructure has developed around the MQL4 development environment. We can see that many developers submit expert advisers to participate in the automated trading championship. To summarize, the choice of MetaTrader 4, you will have no problems using finite programs or develop your own using the knowledge base available.