2012 Forecast for Gold and Silver

If someone has ever traded the Silver or Gold market, in that situation, you recognize that this is not particularly for faint of heart. Everybody has seen some commercials on television concerning buying gold as well as how one can add this into their portfolio. This is a very good idea, isn’t it? I will let you to decide on that. Though, I am giving you some information, which may assist you in making your decision.

Firstly, gold has now moved from $260 per oz. to $1730 per ounce in 7-8 years. Suppose, if you had 1.5 ounce of gold, so you have surely made $1,450 about 520%. Now, this is a very good return. However, when it has risen to about 500%, you should buy it or not? Yes, you should definitely buy it, particularly when it is about the gold. Though, risk has now increased as well as this is good to buy gold on dips rather than only buying it plus hoping the best for you.
Thus, there are essentially four methods of buying the gold.
1. Buy gold bullion/coins.
2. ETF’s.
3. Stock in various companies, which mine gold, or
4. The gold futures.

The method of buying gold coins is harder as formerly you buy gold coins then you need to sell these gold coins. You cannot utilize them at the Wal-Mart. Instead, you can take gold coins within your pocket, although you will need to find out any special venue so that you can chuck out of them. Hence, last three methods are the easiest one for controlling gold and also take benefit of the move and also not concern regarding its sell. Yet again, I will let you decide so you can decide which one is perfect for you.
HotForex Gold & Silver

Using Markettrendforecast website we saw gold bullish trend :
gold 2012 forexcast

Based on Fibonacci levels Gold will reach 2000 in the end of 2011 and in beging of 2012 we can see more gains.For now main pivot point and strong support is 1500.

About silver :
Based on gold and silver correlation we predict : Silver forecast to exceed $45/oz by end-2012. Global silver (silver market) mine supply is expected to maintain (very strong) its upward trend in 2012, rising to an eighth consecutive all-time high.

Enjoy !